Pho Japolo Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Japolo Vietnamese Restaurant on UrbanspoonSheepie’s friend suggested going to this place and he was a bit concerned that the restaurant was bare with only one customer. There were a few flies circling in the middle of the restaurant which wasn’t so pleasant to look at but the restaurant overall was kept clean.

I ordered the #8 Rice noodle soup with chicken meat and quail eggs. I ordered the small bowl $8.35. The large would have been $9.45 but the small was pretty decent size – perfect for me! I was happy that the soup wasn’t too salty as some other pho places can be. I was pretty happy with this pho – veggies, chicken, egg, and noddles! The veggies could be cut a little smaller but overall very good.

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Rice noodle soup with chicken meat and quail eggs. Small bowl $8.35


Sheepie ordered something with rice as he hates Pho. It looked pretty delicious. I’m tempted to order it for next time, but if I’m at a Pho restaurant, I must order pho…I love pho…The staff was alright. Nothing extraordinary, but not bad. I would like to return again if it weren’t so far…I would love to try their other location since their rating is significantly higher than this one.

Yum yum!

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Burger King in Steveston

Burger King on Urbanspoon
Sheepie wanted some burgers, so we went to Burger King when we were in Steveston area. The service was fine, but the place was dirty. Sheepie likes Coke Zero so I took the empty cup to fill up, but both machines for Coke Zero was empty while ice was also empty in one of them. The place wasn’t busy or anything, so the staff has ample time to do routine checks and fill up if necessary. (yes, I have worked at Burger King a long time ago!) Though I’m also surprised that no one has notified about the staff. Surely, we can’t be the only ones that wanted Coke Zero.

Anyhow, I ordered the Chicken Burger $1.39. Very affordable. It was crispy and nicely salted.


The toilet was leaking and the handle was broken off. This place is terrible!
Sheepie was disgusted complaining a place like this in Germany would have been shut down.

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Momo Sushi on Robson

Momo Sushi on Urbanspoon was somewhat reluctant to go back to Momo after having not-so-pleasant experiences with the food quality at the other locations. But it opened up recently and still wanted to give it a chance, so off we went for dinner.

It’s a decent sized restaurant, about the same size as the one on Denman. Simple design, not much to say about the decor. The restaurant is busy with all tables occupied at all times we were there. It took the server quite a while before we had our orders taken but we kept ourselves amused by the numerous typos on the menu. The other locations always spelled ‘Negitoro’ as ‘Nigitoro’. But this place even spelled their own restaurant name wrong!! ‘Momo Shushi’.

I ordered Chicken Yakisoba and Sheepie had a special roll and avocado roll. We both got complimentary salads to start off with. Nothing different from the other Momo locations. The yakisoba was super greasy and the chicken was all fat and oil with the skin which I am not a fan of. I left most of it on the side. It’s always interesting to see traditional dishes being made by non-Japanese and left up to their interpretation on what yakisoba should have. This one had a slice of thin lemon in the middle and a mountain of gari (those pink ginger stuff that is suppose to come with sushi). But then again, Japan doesn’t even have California rolls – or most rolls that most of us has come accustomed to, so I guess it’s the way food changes as cultures merge. These additions (gari and lemon) to the yakisoba weren’t a bad thing. In fact, the gari is always nice to clear up one’s mouth, especially with the heavy sauce from the noodles.

The avocados in the avocado rolls were fresh and satisfactory.

idearabbit-momorobsonComplimentary Salad idearabbit-momorobson2Chicken Yakisoba idearabbit-momorobson3Avocado roll idearabbit-momorobson4

Sheepie mentioned that the prices were slightly higher than the other Momo, but that could be because it is located on pricey Robson. I would not order the yakisoba again, so I will stick to their sushi next time – if I ever do go back again.

I am sorry to pick on Momo but after having two food poisoning experience from two different locations, I had to look this location’s inspection up:

Lack of/Inadequate Food Safety Plan (# of observations = 1)

Inadequate Cooling and/or Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
(# of observations = 1)

A large amount of potentially hazardous food was being stored at room temperature. Imitation crab and cucumber being stored on the counter both measured 16 degrees C. Salmon sashimi measured 8.5 degrees C. The sushi display cooler was too warm. Tuna in the display case measured 10.5 degrees C. This is unacceptable. Potentially hazardous foods such as fish, sauces, cucumbers, etc. must be kept refrigerated at 4 degrees C or colder at all times. These foods may not be stored on the counter without refrigeration – not even during busy lunch or dinner periods. Refrigeration temperatures must be monitored throughout the day. Results must be recorded in a logbook. Immediate corrective action is required.

Inadequate Cooling and/or Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
(# of observations = 1)

Two deep containers of cooked chicken were being stored on the counter. Staff were adding freshly cooked hot chicken to previously cooled chicken. It is imperative that cooked foods be cooled very quickly. Do NOT pile foods too high. Transfer the contents of tall containers to shallow containers. If possible, stir the foods frequently to release heat energy. Hasten cooling by placing foods in an ice or water bath, or by using an ice wand. Do not cover foods until they have cooled sufficiently to be placed in a refrigerator and do not add warm foods to previously cooled foods. Immediate corrective action is required.

Inadequate Hot Holding of Potentially Hazardous Food(s) (# of observations = 1)

Cooked tempura measured 31 degrees C. This is not acceptable. Cooked foods must be maintained at 60 degrees C or hotter, or they must be cooled quickly and refrigerated at 4 degrees C or colder. Immediate corrective action is required.

Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils (# of observations = 3)

The rice scoop was being stored in a container of water at room temperature. This is not a safe food handling practice. Rice scoops and other utensils must be cleaned and sanitized after use or they must be stored in a manner that precludes bacterial growth – either at 4 degrees C or colder or at 60 degrees or hotter. Immediate corrective action is required. A cutting board was being stored so that its side was in direct contact with the floor. Many of the cutting boards were discolored. All cutting boards must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Subsequently they must be stored in a manner and location where they are protected from contamination. Cutting boards that have deep cuts that cannot be properly cleaned and sanitized must be replaced. Immediate corrective action is required.

Lack of/Inadequate Sanitation Plan (# of observations = 1)

Improper Construction/Maintenance/Sanitation of Establishment (# of observations = 7)

General sanitation in this establishment is poor and must be improved. All walls, shelves, cupboards and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned. The floor must be scrubbed clean. Special attention must be paid to areas that are hard-to-reach or dark, such as under, behind and between equipment and along walls. Curtains must be laundered. The shipping wrap must be removed from the dishwasher. The shelf over the 2 compartment sink must be replaced. The leaking plumbing under the 2 compartment sink must be repaired. The wheeled cart must be scrubbed clean. The walk-in cooler door must be thoroughly cleaned.

Food Handler Training (# of observations = 1)

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot

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