Moii Cafe in Downtown

Moii Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Second location of Moii Cafe opened up in downtown, and so I decided to meetup with my friend for tea at the cafe.

The cafe is right on the corner of West Pender and Richards. It’s pretty small, and there was only one guy at a table when we arrived around 4pm on a holiday. Soon afterward, he left, and we were the only ones there without anybody else coming in – even for takeout.

idearabbit_moiicafe_pender1 idearabbit_moiicafe_pender2There were two staff, and one who took my order was nice and friendly. After having a heavy lunch, I just needed a light, refreshing tea, so I got the African Nectar Rooibos teabag.

It had nice furniture, a bit of hipsterish feel. One unfortunate thing is that they don’t have a bathroom! So better not sit around and chit chat while drinking tea or coffee.

If I return, next time will be for desserts.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Browns Socialhouse in Mission

Browns Socialhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Out in Mission, it’s located right on Lougheed highway. We sat in the enclosed patio, where the heater grilled us, so we moved a seat further to keep us from becoming roast beef.

The hostess and our server were very friendly and nice with all smiles.

idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission1 idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission2idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission3Under the Brunch menu (which is only served on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10am-2pm), I ordered the Prosciutto Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns $11.95 which comes with goat cheese, English muffin topped with house-made hollandaise. They use free-run eggs.

The potatoes were a bit under cooked, but crispy on the outside, and had nice flavourful seasoning. I love the addition of herbs. The eggs were a bit overcooked, but that’s only my preference. I usually like them to be runny. I always find most of the English muffins are too crispy on the bottom, making it a bit difficult to cut them. But overall, pretty good dish. idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission4idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission5

Sheepie had the Big Breakfast Burrito $10.25 with eggs, jack cheese, Spanish rice, salsa, smoked bacon, lettuce, black beans and potatoes. I had a bite of it. It was ok. The Tabasco sauce was pretty hot! (came in a small dish on the side). He also had a Diet Coke $3 and refills were complimentary.

We had our late lunch as we listened to the rumble of pick up trucks and jeeps as they passed by. Some of the customers came in with their muddy rubber boots. Yup, it’s a different town than in Vancouver.

The atmosphere is great. It’s relaxed, down to Earth and comfortable. The prices were quite reasonable. Would return and will try out one in Vancouver next time.


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Snowy Village Cafe

Snowy Village Dessert Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWhen we arrived, it was arrived 6:30pm on a Sunday. The place was packed, but we had actually had arrived a good time because when we left, there was a long lineup out the door of people waiting! Wow!

I wanted to check it out as I was wowed by a shaved milk matcha dessert at Spaghetei in downtown Vancouver. I also came across a review that the Green Tea Bingsoo was great here, so wanted to check it out.

idearabbit_snowyvillage1 idearabbit_snowyvillage2 idearabbit_snowyvillage5 idearabbit_snowyvillage4The place is run by Koreans.The staff are really friendly.


We got a table right away. It’s a little crammed, so you might end up bumping into the other tables as you scoot over to your chair against the wall. The interior has a lime, but gentle green theme throughout, from menus, chairs, tables and aprons. Even the napkins had the delightful green logo on it. Yes – once a designer, you notice the little things! The Korean music was a bit too loud though. idearabbit_snowyvillage6

I ordered the regular sized Green Tea Bingsoo $8 (including tax) without nuts and was going to share one with Sheepie. The dessert took quite a while to come out. Even though it’s just shaved milk ice with some red beans, mochi and green tea powder, I guess it’s super busy, so it takes time.

They pile the shaved milk ice like crazy, so that each spoonful you take, you’ll definitely end up spilling some. Some of the other ones (like mango) had the juices and syrup running down the cup like waterfall.

Even with both of us, it felt like the regular was too much. I have no idea how others do it. But then again, I don’t eat that much sweets, and Sheepie doesn’t eat much ice/icecream to begin with.

The flavour was quite light. I wanted more green tea powder, and the shaved milk ice was not as rich as the one I had tried at Spaghetei. I kept rolling the melting shaved milk ice on my tongue to ‘squeeze’ out the flavour, but it wasn’t there.

Everything was good, but I left somewhat disappointed that I didn’t get wowed like the one I was expecting. If I crave them again, I’ll go back to Spaghetei instead.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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