Cartems Donuterie, Kitsilano

Cartems Donuterie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI had heard great reviews about this place, so even though I’m not a donut fan, I was pretty excited to check it out, as an Meetup event was taking place there on a Wednesday evening.

The place was pretty open and spacious, with one corner with wooden seats and tables decorated with a plant in a jar. Simple but sleek. There is a single large wooden table in the middle with outlets underneath, perfect for anyone wanting to work on their laptops for a long time or charge their phone. There are counter spaces by the window, and a nice small patio to the side. The rest of the cafe is very minimalistic, and even the bathroom was slick and modern for a donut shop.

idearabbit_cartem_broadway idearabbit_cartem_broadway2 idearabbit_cartem_broadway3 idearabbit_cartem_broadway4When I got there at 6:30pm, the only donuts that were left were the Classic $3.25. I was so bummed. I wanted to try the Earl Grey…boo. So anyways, Sheepie and I each got one. Sheepie had a coffee, but I just had water from the glass bottle available on the side.

The donut felt physically heavy. It wasn’t too sweet, but a bit too dense. I like fluffy things, so it wasn’t so attractive. I ended up giving half of it over to Sheepie, who was glad as he was ready to go and order another one.

By around 8:30pm or so, they were completely out of donuts. And many people came in to be disappointed. With the cafe being open for another hour and half, there will be more bummed out people. I wonder why they don’t make slightly more. Obviously, their donuts are in demand! Unless it just happens that they were super busy that day.

The staff were really friendly, and Sheepie had a long nice chat with them.

Love the interior design. The Classic donut, didn’t wow me, especially after the recent donut I had at 49th Parallel. (so much for not being into donuts – but it had cream! Which I love…not good for me though…). Still, I’m curious to try out the Earl Grey, so will certainly return. It’s a great place to relax and chill with friends.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Black’s Pub in Whistler

Black's Pub & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe restaurant spans from the main to the upper floor. We got the patio upstairs which was nice, though we couldn’t watch the people walk by, nor see the road bike competition going on on the hills as there were trees blocking our view. The patio was full, but the upper interior was almost empty. Since all other restaurants were packed with long lineups, we were glad to be seated right away.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler2idearabbit_blackspub_whistler1idearabbit_blackspub_whistler5I ordered the Chicken Penne $18. At first it seemed a bit bland, but once you got to the sauces sitting at the bottom, it was just the right saltiness. Love the olive oil with the, juicy and tender chicken. It doesn’t seem much, but I was pretty full by the time I finished the dish.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler4Sheepie had the Classic Burger $13. Thick, juicy patty fresh veggies. The thick big fries with paprika was super good, esp when hot. Thumbs up!

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler3Our friends had the Supreme pizza $27 (large 14″) with tomato sauce, mozzoarella, pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. It was nicely presented, and was enough to fill 2 adults.

Our server was very friendly and chatty, even with Sheepie who can be sometimes blunt. Lol.

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Sake Maki on Commercial

Sake Maki Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe place had been renovated, in a similar look and feel like the one on Broadway which closed down only after a few years of operation. It was clean, spacious and modernized.


The zabuton (seat cushions) were interestingly made out of jeans (pants) sewn together.

Strangely, water was served in beer glass.

idearabbit_sakemaki_commercial20We took up on the Dinner Special $11.95 which includes three items from the Sushi Selection and Kitchen Selection Menu with a green salad.


Small side salad. A bit too much topping.idearabbit_sakemaki_commercial26The Agedashi Tofu and Gyoza were good!idearabbit_sakemaki_commercial25

Spicy Tuna Roll: Not that great presentation wise. Too much sauce on top. Rice is a bit too mushy. idearabbit_sakemaki_commercial24 Smoked Salmon Roll,  Beef Teriyaki Roll and California Roll. Maybe they are missing the vinegar taste in the rice. It just didn’t taste like a real sushi roll. It was jam packed with ingredients though, so you were quite full afterwards. Again, rice was a bit mushy.

Service was mediocre. No smiles or friendliness. Will we be back? With so many sushi restaurants to choose from in Vancouver, it’s not on my top list of go-to places.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
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