Celine’s Fish & Chips on Granville Island

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A friend ordered Calamari $11 and Sheepie got a side order of onion rings $4. I don’t remember the last time I had onion rings, but do remember growing up eating these from fast food chains. Ah…the unhealthy teenage diet. But with that over, this was extremely greasy. I couldn’t eat much of the onion rings. I thought the calalmari was decent but the oil and grease fills you up quickly. It also didn’t help that the dining area by the food court is contained by all-glass walls. We were sitting in direct sunlight and we were soon sweating and not really enjoying the food.

idearabbit-celinesfishOnion rings $4 idearabbit-celinesfish2Calamari $11

Service was really slow and a bit disorganized. The staff was cranky and not at all friendly. Sheepie noticed one staff throw something but it wasn’t at anyone, nor into the garbage. He said it just fell to the floor. I missed all that, so not sure what happened. I personally wouldn’t order anything from here since it’s not my cup of tea, but I don’t mind taking 2 or 3 calamari to enjoy.

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Pho Japolo Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Japolo Vietnamese Restaurant on UrbanspoonSheepie’s friend suggested going to this place and he was a bit concerned that the restaurant was bare with only one customer. There were a few flies circling in the middle of the restaurant which wasn’t so pleasant to look at but the restaurant overall was kept clean.

I ordered the #8 Rice noodle soup with chicken meat and quail eggs. I ordered the small bowl $8.35. The large would have been $9.45 but the small was pretty decent size – perfect for me! I was happy that the soup wasn’t too salty as some other pho places can be. I was pretty happy with this pho – veggies, chicken, egg, and noddles! The veggies could be cut a little smaller but overall very good.

idearabbit-japolopho6idearabbit-japolopho idearabbit-japolopho2 empty…  idearabbit-japolopho3idearabbit-japolopho4

Rice noodle soup with chicken meat and quail eggs. Small bowl $8.35


Sheepie ordered something with rice as he hates Pho. It looked pretty delicious. I’m tempted to order it for next time, but if I’m at a Pho restaurant, I must order pho…I love pho…The staff was alright. Nothing extraordinary, but not bad. I would like to return again if it weren’t so far…I would love to try their other location since their rating is significantly higher than this one.

Yum yum!

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Burger King in Steveston

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Sheepie wanted some burgers, so we went to Burger King when we were in Steveston area. The service was fine, but the place was dirty. Sheepie likes Coke Zero so I took the empty cup to fill up, but both machines for Coke Zero was empty while ice was also empty in one of them. The place wasn’t busy or anything, so the staff has ample time to do routine checks and fill up if necessary. (yes, I have worked at Burger King a long time ago!) Though I’m also surprised that no one has notified about the staff. Surely, we can’t be the only ones that wanted Coke Zero.

Anyhow, I ordered the Chicken Burger $1.39. Very affordable. It was crispy and nicely salted.


The toilet was leaking and the handle was broken off. This place is terrible!
Sheepie was disgusted complaining a place like this in Germany would have been shut down.

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