Ramen Butcher

The Ramen Butcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoLocated in the heart of Chinatown, my friend who had recently gone to check out the restaurant wanted to go again, so the five of us went for a super late lunch at 3pm. I was expecting a lineup, but to our luck, we had a big table to our self. The decor was modern, hipster and a mix of art and Japanese culture. On a warm day, the inside was a bit too warm. It would have been nice to have the windows open, or the door left open a crack to have some ventilation.

idearabbit_ramenbutcher1 idearabbit_ramenbutcher4 idearabbit_ramenbutcher3 idearabbit_ramenbutcher8The menu was more than I expected. Usually, ramen-ya were quite simple in their menu selection so you knew what to get right away, but I was indecisive. Finally, I decided that I wanted something light and refreshing, so I ordered the Tori (chicken) $9.95.

idearabbit_ramenbutcher2My friend said that they have some special offers everyday, and this time their sandwich board in front said that by following them on Instagram gets you free Cha-shu (slices of pork). My friend did, so he had cha-shu on his ramen which were fatty and thick.

idearabbit_ramenbutcher5 idearabbit_ramenbutcher6

The presentation is really nice. Care is put in for placement, and reminds me of ramen in Japan. The broth was light, but really good. The noodle was a bit too al dente, once again. I wonder if I can ask them to cook a little longer next time… that’s what I should start doing when I go out for ramen, rather than trying to eat something I don’t want when I’m paying for it. Maybe even for 30 seconds longer. The chicken meatball was a pleasant surprise. It was good meat with garlic and herbs. Very tasty!


The great thing about this ramen-ya which I have not yet seen anywhere else in Vancouver, is the free seconds. The system is known as kae-dama (替え玉), where customers who have finished their noodles can request a “refill” to be put into their remaining soup. But that means you can’t drink your soup one the first bowl because they only give you extra noodles – not soup. The ‘kaedama’ was small, but good enough. This time, the noodles were even harder, and more difficult to eat.

Overall, the taste was fantastic but I seriously need to ask them to ‘over’ cook next time. There was a bit of confusion as the two of us wanted the kaedama, and I thought my friend ordered to the staff, but they brought us the bill instead. When they returned, they only had one kaedama for my friend, and not for me. But other than that, it was good. Average pricing as well. Will be back!

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Osaka Sushi in Deep Cove

Deep Cove Osaka Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoA restaurant on the corner of Gallant Avenue and Burns Avenue, it’s a comfy Japanese restaurant with a patio on the side. Going through a curtain of black nets (I’m assuming to bring in fresh air, but to keep the bugs out), we were greeted by a nice staff – most of them seemed Korean.


I ordered the Negitoro roll $4.25 which came onto the same dish as Sheepie’s Sushi Combo $12.95. For a roll with 6 pieces and costing more than $4, the presentation was not good. Rice was not all the way to the end, and the pieces were all different heights. But taste wise, it was pretty good, especially after having a Negitoro from Jako the day before that tasted fishy, and I ended up spitting out the last piece because it was so disgusting.

idearabbit_osakasushi2I also had the Gyoza – 6 pieces of pan fried meat dumplings $5.95. This was a bit of disappointment. I don’t think it’s the worst I’ve had, but it was not the greatest either. For $6, the flavour was as if it was from a frozen bag of gyoza that you could get from T&T. I would not order this again. One good thing I did like about it was the addition of sprinkled green onions. No, they usually don’t come with them, but they added a slight bitter taste which I like. Presentation wise was good.

The Sushi Combo seemed quite filling. I had one of the pieces of Salmon Nigiri. The Salmon was lean and was really good. Thumbs up.

Service was really good. Hope to return the following week to bring the Sushi club with a large group.

idearabbit_osakasushi6 idearabbit_osakasushi7We returned the following week with a group for lunch. They had the bento specials, so I had bento Box A $11.95 with green salad, 8 pieces of California Roll, Pan Fried green Yakisoba with veggies and Chicken Teriyaki. The yakisoba (noodles) were something I had never had before. It does have a slightly slimy texture with the sauce, but the taste is good. Overall, the bento was fresh, visually appetizing and tasteful.

Service was a bit slow with the lunch rush but our server was friendly. People who ordered first got their dishes last, which was a bummer – and they waited quite a while. The staff at the cash register wasn’t friendly.

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Cafe Orso in Deep Cove

Cafe Orso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe wordmark is a bit hard to read, but I do like the cute bear. A wooden carved bear stands at the entrance door to welcome everyone in. As I had read in other reviews, it was slick, modern, and clean. A higher-end cafe than your everyday Starbucks. Yet, it had a very comfortable feeling. The slightly hipsterish staff were bustling around as the cafe seemed quite popular.

idearabbit_cafeorso1 idearabbit_cafeorso2 idearabbit_cafeorso4 idearabbit_cafeorso3idearabbit_cafeorso10 idearabbit_cafeorso11

idearabbit_cafeorso9 idearabbit_cafeorso12idearabbit_cafeorso7 idearabbit_cafeorso8We ordered the Three Waffles with Seasonal Berries & Cream or Banana & Nutella $12.50. We had the berries. I was expecting an assortment of different types of berries, but it was only strawberries – though there’s nothing wrong with strawberries. It was really delicious. Not too sweet, and the right firmness/density to the waffles.

idearabbit_cafeorso5 idearabbit_cafeorso6 We also had coffee which was super bitter. However, after adding sugar and cream, it was one of the better coffees I’ve had. I’m no expert in coffee since I barely drink them, but my taste buds know which ones it likes. And this one was really good!

The food/drink was great as we chatted and watched pedestrians walk by as we sat by the window. This is a must-visit if you’re in Deep Cove. Yes, slightly different atmosphere from the cafes closer to the water. But if you enjoy hip, modern with a relaxed atmosphere with delightful interior design, check it out.

We spent our late afternoon by the waters, and as we were about to leave Deep Cove, we noticed that there was a live band in the cafe. On their website, you can see who’s playing on Sunday evenings. They recommend you reserve a table as it can quickly fill up!

idearabbit_cafeorso13A week later, we later returned with friends who had espresso, waffles, iced coffee, and I had the Rooibos Latte pictured above. It was creamy and very good. The pot seems small, but it never ran out! I kept drinking and drinking. No refills needed. Love this cafe ♥

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