Sushi Garden (2nd location)

Sushi Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoSheepie had talked about the one right across Metrotown, but it always had a long lineup, and it seemed like a hole in the wall restaurant. I was excited to see a new one open up just east of the original location along Kingsway.

The place had plenty of free parking space on the side. The restaurant was open and spacious. Obviously, it was new and clean.

idearabbit_sushigarden_second6idearabbit_sushigarden_second1idearabbit_sushigarden_second2idearabbit_sushigarden_second5Tako Yaki $3.95 Really good. Hot, slightly crispy on the outside, and soft inside.

idearabbit_sushigarden_second3Negitoro roll $2.95 Decent roll for a pretty good price.

idearabbit_sushigarden_second4Sushi/Sashimi Combo $9.95 The fish were fresh and looked appetizing. Not sure where the chunky thick sashimi comes from. It seems most prominent here in North America where the restaurants are run by non-Japanese. There are different thickness and cutting techniques, but the hira-zukuri cut is the standard cut for most sashimi, such as for tuna, salmon, and kingfish. Typically they are 10 mm (3⁄8 in) thick – not 1 inch! Not sure if the ‘bigger is better’ mindset plays a roll (and thinner slices require more skill), but it’s one of the reasons why I don’t like sashimi in North America. It just becomes this big blob. Not to mention harder to eat, unless you’ve got a big bite. This isn’t Sushi Garden’s fault, but thought I’d bring up my pet peeve with the sashimi.

Roll Combo $5.95 We took this out after our meal for a potluck we were headed to. People seemed to enjoy the rolls.

The price is quite affordable, while not losing out on quality or quantity. The place quickly filled up with a line up.

The following month, we returned with a group of 15 people. We tried making reservations over the phone, but apparently, since they are so busy, they don’t take any. We got there about 10 minutes early, but the lineup was already about 20 people. Also, they informed us that groups of 10 or more would be charged 18% gratuity. Things didn’t work out, and we all went to Oyama Sushi nearby instead.

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Starbucks at YVR Airport

Starbucks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoBusy with a line up, you can take time to decide on what you want. Sheepie and I were quite early for our flight to Frankfurt Germany, so there wasn’t any rush.

For the first time, I decided I’d get a sandwich from Starbucks, along with a Passion Iced Tea.idearabbit_starbucks_yvr1

idearabbit_starbucks_yvr2I got the Black Forest Ham and Swiss sandwich $7.69. The bread was cold and super thick. It was dry and hard. It wasn’t delicious. I could have made a better sandwich. The price was ridiculous for what you got. I’m never buying another sandwich again from Starbucks. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of their drinks anymore either. I find it too sweet and artificial. I would even become even more reluctant to drink anything from them after being spoiled in Germany.

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Ludica Pizzeria

Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoA friend invited me to play some games while enjoying some pizza, so we went on a late afternoon Sunday. There were four of us and sat by the window with nice flower beds on the outside.

The other two had ordered the Italian Soda, so I thought I’d give it a try. I ordered Strawberry. You can also add Vodka for extra $. I had it with whip cream, but to my disappointment, it wasn’t that good. It seemed really watered down, and without much carbonation, it wasn’t much of a ‘soda’.


I usually never order pizza at restaurants because I’m not a bread-fan. I don’t know why, but ever since I was little, I was more of the noodle person than bread. The only time I have bread is when I eat a sandwich, or complimentary bread buns are served at higher-end restaurants. I was eyeing on the pasta, but when I looked over to the next table and saw their Hawaiin pizza, it looked pretty good. idearabbit_ludica_pizzeria3Since everyone else was getting a pizza and it was a pizzeria, I felt I needed to try something different rather than getting pasta from every restaurant. So, I went with Hawaiian $13.50.

All pizza were fairly big size. I wasn’t able to finish 2 slices, but I got through it because it was really good. The thin pizza was crispy, and the topping were fresh and flavourful. Not to mention, when you’re playing games, it kind of goes down without you knowing it!

idearabbit_ludica_pizzeria2Sheepie had the Ham and Mushroom on their special menu.

Service was great with a friendly and sometimes sarcastic character that made us laugh.

idearabbit_ludica_pizzeria1The place was clean, with the thin-crust pizza baking in their stone oven.

We played Timeline and Love Letters, both of which were new to Sheepie and I.

idearabbit_ludica_pizzeria5It’s a lot of fun, and what’s best, there’s no extra charge for playing the games. I remember some cafes in Richmond that charged you per hour for playing. But here, you can keep going and going. You’ll never get bored as there are more than 750 board and card games to play. The staff will even teach you some so you can always try out new ones.

Will definitely be back!

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