Aoyama Cafe – CLOSED

Aoyama Cafe (UCC Coffee) on Urbanspoon*This restaurant has since closed.

Aoyama Cafe is located on the first floor of Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. It’s a modern, clean and slick restaurant. I have been here twice and both times, it has been pretty bare on a weekend night.

Most of the dishes are Japanese cuisine. The staff were friendly and helpful. We ordered:

idearabbit-aoyamaBeef Hayashi Curry Rice $11.95 -  a bit weak. Needed a little more punch in flavour.


Seafood Rice Pizza $9.50 – interesting new dish! The pizza is made from compressed sticky rice. Crispy on the outside, with cheese and seafood on top. I like!


Coffee Frappe: $4.95: really bland and weak. A disappointment…:( Way too expensive for what it’s worth…more like $1.50 I’d rather get a Tim Horton’s Ice Cap…

I feel it’s a bit pricey for a restaurant in Richmond, especially for the quality…I’d like to go back again, but wont be ordering the Hayashi or Frappe again.