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2 years ago, I changed my diet to avoiding canned foods, frozen/microwavable foods, processed snacks, alcohol, coffee, MSG and I wondered if I would be able to eat out again with friends. (at the time of writing this blog, I have since then started eating some these foods again at a moderate but less than before quantity)

I happened to pass by this small cute restaurant in downtown and was excited to see their sandwich board placed in front of their restaurant. Organic foods, no additives and MSG free! Most of the rice used in their dishes were ‘genmai’ or brown-rice (which is much healthier than regular white rice, much like how whole-grain bread is better than white bread).

The first time I went, I went with a bunch of friends for dinner. You’d think that being ‘organic’ and all that the prices would be outrageous. But it wasn’t! I ordered organic avocado roll (with genmai) $3.95 (8pc) and organic vegetable with chicken gyoza (dumplings) $5.25 (6pc). I thought it was really good, and felt healthy. :D The male guests weren’t too impressed though, describing the as tasting ‘too healthy’. LoL. I guess that means bland. But most of the ladies thought it was good. If you’re already eating healthy without MSG and use to the ‘natural’ taste of foods (as in you don’t use much sauce in your cooking), then I’m sure you will enjoy their dishes. :) And with a 94% on Urbanspoon, many agree that it’s a good restaurant!

I’ve been back many times, and the dishes have always been good!! The staff are Japanese, and is excellent service. The restaurant can get really hot and humid without any windows or ventilation…that’s only my issue…but not really a big complaint.

Check them out! They’re open Monday to Saturdays 11am-10pm – closed Sundays

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