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I got a SocialShopper voucher for $13 (valued at $26.40) which included 2 drinks (medium or large), 2 Belgian waffles with 3 toppings each.

For drinks, we had the choice of coffee, espresso, caramel or espresso-flavored macchiato, Americano, latte, cappuccino, mocha latte, hot chocolate, steamed milk, steamed teas. I ordered a large cappuccino, and my friend got a medium hot chocolate. She also ordered an apple pie on top of that.


idearabbit-waffleberries  idearabbit-waffleberries3



For my waffle, I asked for Belgian dark chocolate, freshly whipped cream and strawberries. I was super delighted to see such ‘pretty’ and well presented dessert. Not only was it visually appealing, it tasted very good as well.


Belgian dark chocolate, freshly whipped cream and strawberries


Super large cappuccino!

The location is a bit in a inconvenient place. Not really close to any of the train stations, or centre part of downtown. However, the cafe is really cute! Modern, high-end and definitely catered toward the urban, trendy chic! We both fell in love with the place. The price is a bit high compared to what I normally spend on, but it was a great experience.
As a designer, I couldn’t help but look at the logo – which is very well done…I wonder which design firm designed it? The interior is sleek, and with a touch of femininity. The servers were super friendly and great service. I never leave any tip at a cafe, but for here, I had to! The furniture was very comfortable, the temperature of the cafe was good. No drafts or stuffiness. Quiet and warm atmosphere. The bathroom was elegant and spacious. I would recommend this cafe to anyone!! Two thumbs up! :D

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