Gutenberg’s Cafe

Gutenberg's Cafe on Urbanspoon I know this place has had some poor reviews, but many of those reviews are prior to the renovations that took place near the end of 2012.

We were regular customers before it went under some renovation. Then, with our time schedule, we hadn’t returned until recently. We went back to check out the cafe and to host a group meeting. The owners Edward and Cherry greeted us. They are always very friendly and happy!

The place had certainly changed. Previously, they had reddish-orange walls, with simple chairs and tables. Now their walls were earthly toned brown with green accents, modern stools and dark brown lounge chairs and booths. It was certainly an upgrade.

As usual, the fairly spacious cafe was empty. I’m not sure how they are able to run the place with very little customers…unless they are busy during certain times of the day. But so far, whenever we pass by or go to it, it’s been pretty bare. The air conditioning in the summer time, like many other places are way too cold for me and can’t stay for a long time.

The drinks are pretty good. They serve in to go cups even if you stay there, which is a bit of disappointment. Not only does it create more garbage, it takes away from the authenticity or making the drink taste better if it were in a real mug/glass. My favourite is the BLT Breakfast sandwich with cheese, ham and egg in between a bagel. Otherwise, I feel the other dishes are overpriced.

They sometimes do have Germans working there as staff. However, the owners are Chinese. I haven’t tried the bratwurst to see how authentic it is…maybe next time.

They use to be closed on Sundays, but are are now open. The only downside is that their hours are very short!idearabbit-gutenburgcafe20

idearabbit-gutenburgcafe21The man at the till is Edward!idearabbit-gutenburgcafe23

idearabbit-gutenberg3idearabbit-gutenburgcafe24idearabbit-gutenburgcafe22idearabbit-gutenbergcafe26This day, the cafe was nearly full as I brought a group close to 30 people to the cafe.

Last Few Times

Gutenberg cafe hasn’t been the greatest, but after the reno, the place did look better. Their food and drinks however, hasn’t.

idearabbit-gutenberg20 idearabbit-gutenberg21They have terrible coffee and Sheepie always feel terrible afterwards. He only was able to finish half.
My friend hated his drink so bad, he dumped most of it and went around to Blenz instead.
My tea latte was also hard to get through. One friend said her dessert tasted burnt, like it was cooked in a burnt pan. It was freezing in there as usual. Service is friendly, but now, we will never return.

 Taste: carrot    Price for Value: carrot

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