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I ordered a cafe latte…or more correctly, latte machiatto which for some reason does not exist in Canada. Why? I have no clue. It uses the same ingredients as cafe latte, but just poured differently so that you get a nice gradation. The taste was ok, but not as good as the latte machiatto that I so fell in love with in Germany.

We got to this cafe very late, near midnight, but it was lit brightly with florescent lighting, and with mostly old men as customers. Some of then were seated on the tables sipping coffee, while others were busy playing a game of pool in the back half.

It’s a very local Italian cafe – worn down but the staff are very friendly. Not your everyday Starbucks cafe, but interesting to check out.



His attempt in making my request for a latte machiatto


Nicely done :)




 Taste: carrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrot

Atmosphere: carrot   Service: carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot