The American CheeseSteak Co

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Newly opened up a only a few years ago, my friend invited to join him for some bites. Target audience was hipsters, young adults who enjoyed living in the downtown area (hence being on Davie st), for a different, unique dining experience. I kept thinking or wanting to call the place ‘cheesecake’ even though they don’t have any sweets lol.

The menu didn’t have much of a selection – burgers and fries. But since my friend had gone to other locations of the chain, I left the decision up to him. We tried the $12 New Yorker. After ordering and paying first at the counter, they gave us a number and sat ourselves down. Soon afterward, one of them brought our food to the table.

The flavour was good, but really heavy at the same time. sautéed mushrooms and peppers, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and roasted garlic mayo. For $12 I thought it was really expensive. Anything that doesn’t use utensils to eat, I always expect them to be cheap. Which is why I find Japadogs super expensive at $7 per hotdog.


It was on a quiet Tuesday evening, so it was less than half empty. It had a nice atmosphere, definitely could sit back and chill with your friends or work on you laptop – and blog :P I have seen them invite some local celebrities there with radio stations so it seems like the ‘cool’ place to be.

Service is alright. I’m not a burger and fries person, so unless a friend wants to go there, I’m very likely not going back. I’m also not sold on the price.

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