IKEA in Germany (near Leipzig)


We happen to stop by in a market area to our drive from Nurnberg to Berlin. I wanted to check out what IKEA in Germany looked like. Well, as you can expect, it was exactly the same as here in Canada except for everything being in German and in Euros.

The layout was the same, the products, etc. It was quite deserted and the cafe looked much bigger than the Richmond one. I wondered how they made any profit.


Barely any customers…



Tried their 1 Euro coffee

But then again, we had just gone to a mall which was literally empty – Nova Eventis. It was one of those odd modern mall you’d expect from a movie, so huge with big brands inside, kept sparkling clean, but no people. It could be because it was on a Monday, but I was told this is how it usually is.

I wouldn’t recommend going to IKEA unless you’re wanting to buy furniture. In Europe, IKEA is seen as the ‘cheap’ furniture, for students and low-income. It still has that branding here, but I feel it’s a bit more accepted as the ‘modern, clean, middle-income’ customers. And it’s true that you can make some pretty stylish rooms with their furniture and decor.