Tentatsu on UrbanspoonSomeone had suggested Tentatsu, so we decided to try it out. I had read on Urbanspoon about the poor service, so I was wondering how I’d like the restaurant.

We walked in and saw that it was completely full. Some were waiting for take out. Luckily, we were seated quite quickly at a just new table that was available for us right by the entrance.idearabbit_tentatsu1

idearabbit_tentatsu2idearabbit-tentatsu6idearabbit_tentatsu3The restaurant was super busy and loud. I took out my phone and used the new app I had just installed to see what the sound level was in the restaurant. 80+ decibels! That is like a busy street in the city, or you alarm clock. Being exposed to sound levels over 85+ can damage your hearing. My friend and I didn’t talk to much as we had a hard time hearing each other, even to joke if we should text each other instead.

I cued that we were ready, and this young girl came by. She asked if we were ready, and we were. She seemed nervous and told us that she was very new. We told her that we didn’t mind. It was a good thing that she took the order because if she didn’t, who knows when our orders would have been taken!

The wait for the food wasn’t crazy long or anything, considering the full house, with lots of people waiting by the doorway for take outs and tables.

The prices are really good, but that raises the question of quality. The nigiri (raw fish part) was good. It seemed fresh and good size. The rice for the salmon nigiri was a bit warm for sushi though.idearabbit_tentatsu4

Negitoro $2.55 and the smoked salmon rolls $3.95

idearabbit_tentatsu5Tentatsu gyoza $3.95…tasted weird…blah

Negitoro $2.55 and the smoked salmon rolls $3.95 was pretty good. House roll was OK but kept falling apart. Tentatsu Gyoza $3.95 (homemade Japanese dumplings) were super hot and tasted a bit weird. Blah…never ordering them again. Also, if you’re in a hurry, don’t order this dish as they take 15 minutes to prepare.

No one came to ask us if everything was good. No tea refills either, but then again, we didn’t need it. We got our orders taken and food arrived without problems, so can’t say the service was terrible or anything. The prices are great, and other than the gyoza, the satisfactory taste was a bit of surprise for both of us.

This is not a sit down and relax restaurant. If you sit by the entrance, be prepared to have people waiting behind you while you eat.

Food Taste: carrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere: carrotcarrot    Service: carrotcarrot
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