Yuu Tapas

Yuu Japanese Tapas 優 on UrbanspoonSaw this place in a ad in KLIP magazine and since we were in Richmond, I called upon going there to check it out.

It was around 5pm on a Sunday, but the restaurant was almost completely bare except one guy sitting next to our table. I wondered if I had made the wrong choice, but thought that the early time could be the reason.

A simple box shaped restaurant with table and chairs – nothing fancy. On the wall, there was a cute board that showed the different topping and ingredients as cute characters. LoL.

We couldn’t decide on what to order, but the guy sitting next to us ordered the garlic peppered ramen, and wow! It smelled sooooooo good! One of my friend finally decided on getting that. My other friend and I was tempted, but worried about the smell later on, I chose the safe Tokyo Ramen in soy sauce broth. My other friend ordered the Hokkaido Ramen in miso soup.

There’s a TV that shows Japanese TV shows (no sound), and when we were there, it was a variety show on delicious food…which made us even more hungry as we waited.

I tried a sip of the garlic-based soup, but found that it was only strong in the garlic, and didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would, so I was glad that I had ordered Tokyo. He kept saying that the noodles were like pasta.idearabbit-yuutapas20

idearabbit-yuutapas24Cute board that explains the toppings!

idearabbit-yuutapas21Bare restaurant except for one guy…and girl (staff)idearabbit-yuutapas22

Ramen!!! pretty good :D idearabbit-yuutapas23

I thought the ramen was pretty good. My other friend loved the bowl. I agreed that it was unique and perfect for the ramen – though it reminded me more of bibimbap bowls than ramen bowls.

By the time we about to leave around 6:15pm, there had only been a new family that came as we paid our bills at the till. They don’t have a credit card machine, so no credit or debit!!! Bring cash! Overall, I was happy. It was a little lonely with the restaurant being so bare…I don’t like it full and noisy, but empty is…so empty…

Service was good and prompt. He even showed us on the menu what the other guy was eating when we were talking about the strong garlic smell. I wouldn’t mind going back to try out more dishes.

Parking available in front.

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