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Located on the vibrant street of Granville in downtown, this cafe seems like it’s always busy and full. It was near the end of summer, a week before the leaves started to change colour. Almost all the tables were occupied and the patio full of customers trying to enjoy the last days of sunshine.

We sat inside on the high stools by the window. As we approached the counter by the window, the staff ran up and scooted pass us to wipe off the counter. Very good service :)

It didn’t take long before I was boiling and sweating a bit. I’m usually a cold-blooded person LOL so I’m usually freezing and shivering, but this place was too hot. The lady beside was asking the staff whether the AC was on or not. The staff (different from the girl who wiped off the counter) seemed like she was high or something. She couldn’t really answer and who knows what she was trying to say. In the end, it wasn’t really clear if it was on, off or broken.


Industrial interior


Awesome Chai Latte!


 Chocolate croissant $2.99

The service at the counter seemed a little chaotic. The long line up wasn’t getting any shorter. They didn’t seem to know how to efficiently run the place. The cashier (the girl who seemed high or drunk) was slow…maybe it’s her first day? The area for placing the ready food and drink was so small and inconveniently built.

The drink however, was excellent. Both my friend and I ordered the Chai Latte. She got the pumpkin muffin while I got the Chocolate croissant $2.99. The total came to $7.  I thought the croissant was a bit overpriced. It was good, but pricey. The Chai was creamy, and was delicious with cinnamon on top of the foam. My friend agreed it was really good.

Way in the back of the cafe, you can pick up a glass of water- self serve. Chilled, and refreshing in a hot cafe and after a creamy rich latte. The drink is a thumbs up, but the staff and cafe itself needs a bit of order at this location. Also, if you’re not sitting by the window, the lighting of the cafe is poor, so it tends to be dark…not in a romantic dark way, but insufficient lighting dark kind of way. You feel a bit enclosed and the cafe space smaller than it really is.

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