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I’m not so much of a chocolate fan. I don’t hate it, but I could live without it. However, with Sheepie who’s become a hard-core hobby-chocolatier, I’ve slowly grown to know more about the difference in tastes. We have gone to several chocolate stores, but I must say, that I actually like Gem Chocolates the most.

It’s a very small shop in Kerrisdale with 4-5 chairs at the counter by the window. The wall is blue, the room is sparse in terms of decor, but there are many selections of chocolates available. The price per chocolate wasn’t listed, but Sheepie got 7 pieces, and came just over $12. I ordered 2 pieces with a small tea latte which came out to be $6.30 (including tax).
When I used to buy Lindt chocolate, I thought they were really expensive…now after going to check out Thomas Haas, Chocolate Arts and Koko Monk, it seems like we’re slowly getting used to getting charged more than $1 per piece. Of course, Lindt is manufactured by the millions, while these local chocolatiers make it by hand.idearabbit_gemchocolates1


Glenn Knowles – owner and chocolatier

idearabbit-gemchocolates2idearabbit_gemchocolates6Look at all those selections! :D

So pretty!!!idearabbit_gemchocolates5idearabbit_gemchocolates3

  Sheepie bought a lot :P Truly gems!

Glenn Knowles is the owner and chocolatier. Sheepie kept talking to him, not surprisingly (as many chocolatier seems to be), Glenn knows German so they were chatting away in German. Glenn had just been experimenting some new flavours and gave some to us (we came with a group of 5 ppl). The first one was caramel. We tried guessing what the fruit flavour was, and many of us thought it was apple, but it was passion fruit. It was very good. When he knew I was Japanese, he told me he had just gotten some shiso (perilla – herbal leaf) mixed in with chocolate. I’ve had shiso in sushi, salads and pickled vegetables, but would have never expected to go well with chocolate. But surprisingly, it was really good! I hope next time I go back, he’ll have it as an actual chocolate!

I just love how pretty they all look!! From patterns from transfer sheets, to marble looking colours, or sprinkles. Very simple, but cute and designy. For those who are gluten-sensitive, these chocolates are for you! They are gluten-free and made with organic, fair trade chocolates.

Glenn is very friendly, and I love his chocolates! I must go back to try more :)

2nd Timeidearabbit_gemchocolates10


I did end up going back again, and this time, I tried the two front  and far right chocolate in the above photo. The famous Berry Blue (the cube with blue transfer sheet patterns on it) tasted a bit alchololic, but none-the-less, ‘berry’ good. ;) Rich in flavour. I love~

The new Shiso chocolate that he was experimenting the last time we were there had been made (far top right), and Glenn told me that he left the actual leaves inside so that flavour was much richer. Indeed. I tried one and I was very impressed. Very unique and tasteful. I wish I could get my parents to try it.

The Caramel Creme (blue dome) had the caramel ooze out as soon as as I bit into it. Mmmm….so fun to taste all the flavours!

Easter Special


For Easter, I tried his Coconut gelato. OMG! SOOOoooooo good! And I was expecting a small single scoop like many other gelato places, but it was huge! I shared it with Sheepie. My friend also got it and he loved it as well. The best coconut gelato around. I must go back for more…idearabbit-gemchocolate11Of course, being Easter and a creator of IdeaRabbit, how can I not try the bunny decorated chocolate? So cute!!

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