Roasty Jack

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Located in Brentwood Mall food court, another fast food chain that survives because of the business workers that all storm to the mall during lunch hour. Their main dish or ingredient is the turkey.

I’ve only had the their hearty turkey soup $ 3.99 (small) and potatoes with gravy. (gravy alone is $0.60). It’s run by Chinese whom my friend says they don’t know how to cook the turkey properly.

When I went to order my soup that day, the guy at the cashier was crouched below the counter eating his meal. It didn’t seem professional, nor appetizing. The lady that helped me couldn’t find the ladle and just grabs one from the open window to the kitchen. It was used. I hope it was used to cook the soup. I hope it was recent. I hope it’s not dirty. Gross.

Well, all I can say, is that the soup was pretty salty, but good. Lots of turkey chunks, and went well with my Greek rice. Also, I didn’t have any bad stomachs afterwards.



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