Sushi Oyama

Sushi Oyama on UrbanspoonBeen here many times, and the food and service has been consistently very good. Located near Metrotown, the restaurant is an impressive heritage house that was converted to the restaurant it now is today. It has a stone exterior, with Japanese-like interior. The waiting area has a striking water fall that makes it look like water is running down the glass wall.

idearabbit-oyamasushi30The interior is spacious with lots of semi-sectioned off areas that make it feel a bit more private. There are private rooms available upstairs if you reserve for a large group.


The prices are good and the staff are efficient and mostly friendly. Sheepie and I ordered the Dinner for Two $23.95 to share. It came with one large udon, a plate of assorted sushi, chicken karaage, decent salad bowl, and 4-piece tempura. All of the food was decent, especially for the price. I wouldn’t rate the quality as excellent, but I was happy to see that the karaage was hot, crsipy and juicy with a lot of meat, unlike those cheap chicken wings you get at cheap all you can eat places that are all bones and no meat but grease.


Salad – nice and pretty. Tasted good too.

idearabbit-oyama6Assorted sushi


Four pieces of tempura


idearabbit-oyama95 piece chicken karaage

For Lunch

We happened to be in the area, so we went for a late lunch. I ordered negitoro roll $3.10 and vegetable yakisoba $9.30. The negitoro was good, though I did have one time where the fish seemed a bit fishy. I ended up not finishing it, and giving them to Sheepie instead. But other than that one instance, it’s been good every time. The yakisoba is piled high! Look at all those noodles and veggies~. :D   It was very tasty, but left you very thirsty afterwards >_<

idearabbit-oyamaidearabbit-oyama3 idearabbit-oyama5

Sheepie ordered the Red Roll (bottom) $5.40 and Red Crab Dynamite Roll (top) $7.90. They were both good, though presentation wise, they could do a bit better in keeping the rolls from looking so bulky and not look like they’re about to fall apart. I do wish they had less sauce on the Dynamite roll, but that’s just my preference in not really liking too much sauce. I find rolls with too much sauce kills the natural flavours of the ingredients.

idearabbit-oyama12Dragon roll – crazy roll!

We’ve been both happy with the service here, and continue to come back. If you’re looking for a place for decent price and food, check this place out.


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