WE Coffee

WE. Coffee on UrbanspoonI had always been attracted to their branding look, and was eager to try out the place. (though when I checked recently, I noticed that they had simplified their logo, like with many other business wanting to ‘modern’ with their identity. I’m kinda sad about this since I thought their original logo was unique and suited their cafe. The new one doesn’t seem to say anything and looks like any other logo out there. It has no character, and although I understand that easier logos makes them more versatile, this is stripping too much.)

The cafe is upscale, not like your typical comfy, sit by the fireplace, chill-out cafe. This is a higher end cafe, typically seen in Japan and Korea where young people, mostly girls go and chat for the afternoon. So it’s not surprisingly that most of the customers looks like they are either from Korea or Japan. I was also there with a Korean friends to catch up on our lives.

The interior is slick and modern with black chairs and shiny white tables. The painting on the wall reminds me of one of our teacher who painted like that. It added to the ‘urban’ feel of the cafe.


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I ordered the Fruit Ballet (3 seasonal fresh fruit, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, vanilla bean ice cream with 2 waffles) $7.99 (if you want 4 waffles, then it’s $11.99) along with a tea $2.25. When you think about it, the ingredients aren’t that expensive. But you are paying for the experience, the atmosphere, and the service – which is most often pretty good. Unlike Starbucks, the servers will come by your table and take orders/bring food and drinks like a restaurant. Presentation is done with care and makes the food even more tasty.

The Tiramisu Cheesecake $5.75 was a bit too sweet for me, so my friend ended up having most of it.

I really like this cafe! I usually take my friends there, and they’re happy with the place too. I highly recommend!

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