Take Five Cafe on Granville

Take Five Cafe on UrbanspoonI was meeting up with a friend at Take Five. I’ve had their drinks several times, but this was the first time that it came in a to-go cup even though I was staying at the cafe. My friend who later came 15 minutes later also had hers in a paper cup. I wondered if this was something new. I like drinking out of real ceramic mugs – just makes the drink taste better, and I hate throwing out so many coffee cups with plastic lids! Anyways, I had a African Autumn Tea(caffeine free) latte $3.50 (incl. tax).

I was also craving another crepe after trying some at Cafe Crepe, so I ordered the same thing, Sugar Butter Crepe with additional whip cream $5.46 (incl. tax) Unlike Cafe Crepe, which had a ‘matte’ look to it’s surface, this crepe was shiny. I knew right away that it was going to be oily, and it was. It was too buttery, and didn’t go down as fast as at Cafe Crepe’s. It also seemed very chewy and a bit rubbery. I didn’t really like it, so I think I wont be ordering crepes from there again…

This location is a pretty spacious and big cafe for a downtown location on Granville. There are a variety of seats ranging from couches, square tables, round tables, and counters by the window. The lady doing the cashier and barista – well, pretty much everything was friendly and nice. She brought over the the crepe to my table when it was made.





The crepe wasn’t that good…

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