Banana Leaf on Davie

Banana Leaf on UrbanspoonSheepie and I went for a late dinner. It’s much roomier and modern than the Denman location, but it feels like it lacks the character that Denman has. Still, it’s a comfortable atmosphere. Clean, spacious and enjoyable.

Sheepie ordered the Curry Boneless Chicken $15 , and a bowl of Jasmine rice $2  to go with it. I ordered the Singapore Laksa $13 and asked for it to be on the milder side. I asked for hot water. It was nice they gave me a small white designerish pot so I wouldn’t have to keep bugging them for more. Not that I needed that much…lol

The Laksa was on a sweeter side and seemed a bit diluted or not enough umami…the curry was a bit spicy for me, so I only had a bite.

The server was really friendly, and the dining experience was enjoyable. I recall the food at Denman or Broadway to be more rich and flavouraful. It’s not just this occasion either. I’ve been to this Davie one a few times, and thought that they lacked much flavour. But then again, I haven’t been back to the other two since 2010, so maybe I’m just imagining things, or my tongue has changed as I began to eat out more, eat different foods, and become a little bit more critical to taste. Perhaps I need to go back to Denman and find out!





Singapore Laksa $13


Curry Boneless Chicken $15 idearabbit-bananaleaf-davie6

Jasmine rice $2

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