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I bought the $15 Groupon for $30 at Kibo. Sheepie and I went on a Friday evening. Located in the middle of trendy Yaletown, it is modern, chic and young vibrant atmosphere. I am usually the one complaining about places being too cold, but this time, even Sheepie complained about the AC freezing the restaurant. The girl at the next table had her coat draped over her shoulders.

idearabbit-kibo idearabbit-kibo2 idearabbit-kibo3Japanese Short Ribs $8 idearabbit-kibo4Salmon Tartare (regular) $8 idearabbit-kibo5 Aburi Block Sushi $12idearabbit-kibo6Sunshine Roll $13,

For my appetizer, I ordered the Salmon Tartare (regular) $8. It had 4 oba tempura which was crispy and tasted delicious. Unhealthy as tempura may be, the flavour of the oba made it feel so healthy :P The little tower in the middle had layered salmon, onion, avocado and tomato. There was a hint of cilantro which I love (yes, really into the herb/spices stuff). I was pretty happy with this dish. If you like things that are fresh and light, you’d probably enjoy this dish.

For Sheepie’s appetizer, he ordered the Japanese Short Ribs $8 which were chewy and fatty BBQ short ribs marinated in a signature sauce. I only had a tiny bit as I am not a fan of ribs and left the rest for him.

For his main, he has the Sunshine Roll $13, which looked more like a sushi dessert than a dinner. But it tasted pretty good.

For my main, I ordered the Aburi Block Sushi $12 which had local salmon pressed and dressed with their Chef’s signature sauce. The jalepenio was hot, but went well with the sushi. It was my first oshi sushi and I was pretty impressed. (Although this would all change after going to Miku lol)

The service was good, the food was decent, the restaurant was clean and spacious. My only complaint was the cold temperature. Other than that, it was quite satisfactory. However, would I return? With so many good sushi places around in the area, I’m not sure. I did like the Salmon Tartare, so I might go back for that.

Back for a Second Time

This time, my friend had a Groupon for 4 people for $60 worth of dishes. Since it was a nice summer evening, we ate out on the patio. Even though it was fireworks night, the place was pretty much empty…

idearabbit-kibo_21 idearabbit-kibo_20idearabbit-kibo_22My friend loves Beef Carpaccio $9, so he ordered that. I only ate a small piece….not really a fan.

idearabbit-kibo_25Ebi Mayo $11 The fluffy deep-fried prawns are sprinkled with spicy mayo and sit on top of a pile of deep friend potato chips. Nicely presented, hot and tasty. 4.5/5

idearabbit-kibo_28Ika Sugatayaki $11 This was apparently another favourite of my friend, and I also really liked it too. The squid was so tender. Super easy to eat, and very tasty! My new favourite appy! 5/5

idearabbit-kibo_27Dragon Roll $13 had prawns, cucumbers, avocado with unagi and sauce. The roll seemed a bit messy, but was very tasty. The small pieces made it easy to eat in one bite. 4/5

idearabbit-kibo_23Mango Roll $13 had again prawns, avocado, but with salmon and mango. It was quite pretty and looked appetizing. Pretty and summer-like. Very good 4.5/5

idearabbit-kibo_24Unfortunately, I don’t recall the name of this dish…Gyo…something… it had spicy tuna wrapped in Japanese mint leaves that’s deep-fried with spicy sauce. It was really delicious. My friend also liked it as well. 5/5

Overall, I really enjoyed the food this time. The bees that kept wanting part of our dinner was annoying and I’m afraid of them, which gave the dinner a slight bad impression. Service was very good.

The prices are bit high, but then again, it’s Yaletown. I’m not sure why it’s always so empty…I would return if they are still around…

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