New friend from Seattle Trip

We now have a new friend – Hedgy or Pikey from Seattle’s Pike Place :) We found him in the ‘display window’ of Merry Tails 1501 Pike Place #413, Seattle WA 98101 Tel 206-623-4142. There were many stuffed animals, but the little, cute hedgehogs stood out at me.
There were two types. One lying down on it’s belly (like Hedgy) and another one sitting up. Both were cute, and I wanted both, but got the one lying down. $5.50 USD+tax.
So adorable! :D


Hedgy exploringidearabbit-hedgy2 idearabbit-hedgy3 idearabbit-hedgy4 idearabbit-hedgy5 idearabbit-hedgy6 idearabbit-hedgy7

Hedgy helping me with my blog