The Edge Social Grille and Lounge

The Edge Social Grille & Lounge on UrbanspoonI had a $30 worth of Groupon for lunch at The Edge Social Grille and Lounge (paid $15 – so 50% off). It was a cold, grey afternoon around 1:30pm and met up with a friend for lunch. It was empty and spacious. Loved the different style and options of where to dine and what furniture you wanted to sit on. It had a pleasant atmosphere and our server was friendly.


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Roast Vegetable Melt $13

My friend ordered the Roast Vegetable Melt $13. She said it was very good especially with the juicy mushrooms.


Crispy Chicken Burger $14 idearabbit-theedge7Daily Soup $6

I ordered the Crispy Chicken Burger $14 and Daily Soup $6 which was chicken and vegetables with 2 garlic toasts. I wasn’t expecting such a large soup. It was super thick like congee, but was very tasty with a lot of ingredients. I was pretty full just from the soup! I liked it very much. Thumbs up.
The burger was alright, but the fries were way too salty. If I order another burger with fries from them, I’d ask them not to put any salt, and leave it  up to the customer to decide how much salt they want to sprinkle on their fries.

For the rest of our dining, the restaurant continued to be pretty quiet and we enjoyed chatting and catching up with no rush or pushy servers. The prices are reasonable for the portion, quality, location and atmosphere. I would recommend if you’re looking for a very quiet, chill lunch or dessert and want something a little more upscale than meeting up at Starbucks with a friend, or even business related, this is a good place to go :)

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Service: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot