Hachi Hana

Hachi Hana on UrbanspoonSheepie’s acquaintance had mentioned that Hachi Hana was pretty good, so we went to North Van to check it out. When we arrived to the Korean-run restaurant, it was only half full, but shortly after, it was full house at 7:30pm. Soon, there were people waiting at the door, and some even walked away because they didn’t want to wait.



I wanted something light, so I ordered the Vegetable Udon  $7.95. It was pretty good, though a tiny bit heavy on the soy sauce (salty). But good portion with lots of veggies.

idearabbit-hachihanaVegetable Udon  $7.95  idearabbit-hanahachi2Sushi Combo $10.95

Sheepie complained of his California rolls being dry, falling apart and not tasting that good of his Sushi Combo (8pcs California Roll & 2pcs Tuna, 2pcs Salmon) $10.95. For the portion and quality, it was way overpriced.

The service and atmosphere was good, but the food didn’t wow us. Because of the location, it’s unlikely that we’ll go there again, but if we are, there are so many other places that we haven’t tried on Lonsdale so we’ll probably end up going elsewhere first before we return.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot    Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot