Arbutus Coffee

Arbutus Coffee on UrbanspoonAn old cafe on the corner with lots of character and history. I had a Rooibos Latte, and it was the very Rooibos tea that I love so much. This was the first time I’ve had the Rooibos that is grounded and prepared like espresso other than at Waves. So I’m happy to find another cafe that offered this. It’s so much richer and creamer than just steeping the Rooibos leaves (or branches rather). Sheepie had the Machiatto and Carrot Cake.

idearabbit-arbutuscoffee idearabbit-arbutuscoffee2 idearabbit-arbutuscoffee3Machiatto and Carrot Cake idearabbit-arbutuscoffee4Rooibos Latte!

The cafe was full and pretty popular by the way customers came and went. It’s nothing fancy, but a good cafe to chill out for those looking for a bit of rustic, old coffee shop. It’s wheelchair accessible, but their washroom is not, nor friendly for those that may have trouble stepping over a beam to get into the tiny WC.

2nd Time on Summer Day

On a sunny summer day, we went back and noticed their sandwich board promoting their lemonade, so I ordered that $3.10 (incl taxes) The staff asked if I wanted strawberry in it and I thought, let’s try. The drink came out in a mason jar and looked very delicious, especially with the heat. This time, we sat out on the patio to enjoy the fresh air and greens. The drink was refreshing and really good! I’m glad I ordered it.


Refreshing cold lemonade! :D idearabbit-arbutuscafe11 idearabbit-arbutuscafe12 idearabbit-arbutuscafe13

Sheepie ordered the Carrot cake again which he seems to like. Again, I didn’t have any cuz it had nuts.

The furniture is a bit poor, but the decor is cute. So far, I’ve liked the two drinks I’ve had from this place, so I guess we’ll return when we’re in the neighbourhood again.


We’ve since returned several times, mostly because of the convenient of the location to my office. I always get the Rooibos latte, but don’t feel it’s that great anymore compared to many of the other places I’ve tried the drink. It does seem more run down during the winter season, and in the really hot season, it’s kind of disgusting to sit out on their patio with thousands of fruit flies swarming around, especially with their trash can around. I’m not a huge fan, but Sheepie seems to keep returning.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot