Updates to IdeaRabbit #3

Moving up on Urbanspoon! Yes, in update round #1, back in January 2014, I was still at #85. Now, I am at #34!! Thanks for reading guys! :D

Updates to some of the older posts to IdeaRabbit.ca:

nut_allery_allery_icon_smallAlso, since I’m allergic to nuts, especially peanuts and hazelnuts, and often times, it’s difficult to know if certain dishes have nuts in them. So starting late May, I have added a Nut warning icon in my reviews. Of course I will still talk about it in the review, but I thought it would pop out more and be helpful for those who are severely allergic.

If you have any suggestions or comments on how the blog could improve, let me know! Thanx! :) Happy reading~