Schwarzes Cafe in Berlin, Germany

idearabbit-schwarzescafeApparently Sheepie loves this cafe and he wanted me to check it out. The cafe is open 24 hours and we got there late at night. It was jam packed and we sat upstairs.  Seats covered with ductape, the place seemed to be run down and servers looked very hipster-ish, but on the rougher side. The female washroom had a open heart window in between the stalls. I guess if you’re into sort of that thing, you’d like it, but it wasn’t for me. We only had drinks so can’t really comment on the food. I have seen photos and reviews which contradicts my impression of this place. Perhaps I need to go back for another chance?

Kantstraße 148, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Taste: N/A   Price for Value: N/A

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot