Corner 23 萬巒豬腳

Corner 23 萬巒豬腳 on UrbanspoonA typical Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant. The interior was spacious and decor was nice. We had actually come all the way to try out the dessert place a few shops down, but they were closed, so we walked into Corner 23 instead. Service was extremely slow even though the restaurant was pretty much empty and there were more than necessary number of staff. The table next to us came later than us but their orders were taken as we twiddled our thumbs and waited more. I only wanted dessert, but they only had this Mango Cheesecake which was not a cake, but a pudding. I didn’t want that or anything else, so Sheepie had one of the bubble tea to go.

Ok, so I didn’t eat any of the food, but the service and attitude wasn’t all that great. They weren’t friendly or welcoming at all. I wouldn’t return unless my friends insisted.
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 Taste: N/A   Price for Value: N/A

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