Bella Roma

Bella Roma on UrbanspoonSheepie wanted to take me to an Italian restaurant he fancied trying out which had a real fire oven to make the pizza. After returning from Italy and indulging on lots of authentic pizza, Sheepie was craving for more. However, he seemed to have mixed up the address or the restaurant and we ended up at Bella Roma instead. But Bella Roma also had the fire brick oven, so we decided to give it a try.


idearabbit-bellaroma2 idearabbit-bellaroma6 It was around 8:30pm on a Saturday evening, but the place was completely deserted. We thought it might be the time and the street was also empty, but we saw other restaurants across the street doing fine with customers enjoying their meal.

We were a bit concerned, but the server greeted us with a friendly smile and was quite perky throughout our dinner. The restaurant has a night cozy atmosphere, great for romantic dates. The tables are already set up as you would find in higher-end restaurants. It was a little lonely being the only ones dining though…

idearabbit-bellaromaBite-sized complimentary bread with toppings were really good. We were off to a good start. Later, there were two more bread (without toppings) that came.

idearabbit-bellaroma5The prices from the menu online and in actuality differs, so I guess their website hasn’t been updated yet. I thought I saw Linguini with white wine and clams, and that’s what I ordered, but I got the Linguini white Wine Vongole $16.99 instead. I didn’t complain as I was unable to decide for a long time since I was sitting on the fence on whether to go for a tomato base, or olive oil/white wine base. At the end of our dinner, I picked up their to-go menu and looked but the pasta with only white wine wasn’t there…so I guess I’m wrong? But I was sure…otherwise, why would I debate on which one…


Anyways, the pasta was filling and satisfactory with lots of clams – yay! The pizza was not as good as the ones we had tried in Italy, but the server told us that she’s been to Italy and it’s pretty close. Not sure, but I think Sheepie makes better pizza (from scratch).

idearabbit-bellaroma3Medium Capricciosa $19.99

When I went to the bathroom, the server was checking stuff out on her phone. I didn’t see any of the yelling and rudeness that many people had complained about – I guess that’s a good thing.

Will we be back? I think it deserves another chance. Maybe not for pizza though.

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