Marcello Pizzeria and Ristorante

Marcello Pizzeria & Restaurants Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThis restaurant is on the corner of Commercial Drive and Kitchener. It’s got character with iron bar gates on the front door facing Commercial (which isn’t used as a door) and high ceiling with chandeliers made from wine bottles. It gives it a bit of hipster-ish feel, but without the run-down feel. It was cozy and had a really nice atmosphere.

We were there for lunch, and I had the Chef Tagliatelle with sauteed mushrooms, black olives and capers in a creamy tomato sauce $14.95. I knew that their signature dishes were the pizza, but I just love pasta that I couldn’t resist. I also had a slice of the Prosciutto pizza with tomato sauce, mozarella and ham $13.95 (for medium) The medium was quite a large portion, and very good price. It had a thin crust that was baked just right. I was pretty impressed and knew I had to bring Sheepie who has become picky with pizza after traveling to Italy this fall. Their pizza is baked in their wood fire pizza oven – and it’s not just an ordinary oven. It’s shaped in a face of a human, where the oven is the opening of the mouth of the person. Very unique! Again, adds character to this restaurant.

idearabbit-marcello idearabbit-marcello6Unique fire pizza oven!!

My pasta was very good as well, though it was slightly dry so that all the noodles stuck together. Good portions, and I couldn’t finish it all, so I had the left overs packed up. Service was satisfactory. The music was a bit loud, making it sometimes hard to hear each other clearly, but then again, I complain about this with many places…lol.

idearabbit-marcello2Chef Tagliatelle with sauteed mushrooms, black olives and capers in a creamy tomato sauce $14.95 idearabbit-marcello4 idearabbit-marcello3Prosciutto pizza with tomato sauce, mozarella and ham $13.95

We all had coffee at the end, one cappucino, espresso and a latte for myself. I had been disappointed to return from Europe with all the great lattes over there only to return to Vancouver with very expensive but not good coffee drinks. But this latte was pretty good.

idearabbit-marcello5I would definitely return again.

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