Toko on UrbanspoonHidden away on the darker streets away from the bustling street of Cambie with Best Buy, Canadian Tires and Save-Ons, is a quiet restaurant. It’s a narrow restaurant with high ceiling and relaxing atmosphere, specializing in noodles. Yay!

The menu is written in English, Chinese and Japanese, even though there are Thai and Korean cuisine in it as well. You have the option to order your food MSG, so I did.

idearabbit-toko1 idearabbit-toko2idearabbit-toko3We ordered Gyoza $3.50 which were square and not folded and closed completely. Interesting, but tasted good.

idearabbit-toko4I ordered the House Special Chow Mein $9.50. The noodles were crispy and the sauce was really good. My favourite!

idearabbit-toko5Sheepie ordered the Chicken with Ginger and Green Onion $10.75 with a rice bowl $1.45. This was also very delicious. Very soft meat and flavourful sauce.

The server was quick in judging what we wanted before we finished our sentence so we had to repeat to clarify, but she was a good server. I’d return if I get cravings for some Asian cuisine.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot