Kuma Japanese Restaurant

Click to add a blog post for Kuma Japanese Restaurant on Zomato It’s a small restaurant and we got a very small table right in the middle which seemed a bit out of place. It has a old hipsterish feel, not something Sheepie and I are too fond of. It’s it a modern vintage, it’s ok, but when the tables are chipping away and the chairs looks random or picked up from a garage, we’re not into it. There were buckets near the ceiling on the beams and we wondered if the roof was leaking. The washroom was so tiny, it reminded me of ones on a plane. The decor in interesting though. There is a bit of Japanese flavour, and the Japanese staff do wear kimono – though we’re talking about the cheap kind.

idearabbit-kuma1 idearabbit-kuma2idearabbit-kuma6 idearabbit-kuma3I saw on their menu that their okonomiyaki was one of their signature dishes, so I thought I’d try it out. Like with the Clubhouse, the staff warned me that it would be a 30 minute wait. So I ordered an appetizer to keep my stomach happy while waiting. I got the Agedashi Tofu $3.50. The sauce was on the blander side, but good for less sodium intake.
idearabbit-kuma5 I got the Prawn Okonomiyaki $12.95. It was a lot more mushy than I’m used to, though I know that there are these types. It was my first time trying it. It was good, but I think I still prefer the more solid with flour kinds – more like a pizza. There were a bit too much sauce for me which made it too salty – but just my preference.
idearabbit-kuma4Sheepie ordered the Tuna & Salmon Combo $11.95 with 2 tuna nigiri, 2 salmon nigiri, 6 piece tuna roll and 6 piece salmon roll. I tried one salmon nigiri, and it was very good.
The service was great, and if you’re ok with a family kind of restaurant, one of the staff has a baby in a tiny crib by the kitchen. Yes, so you may hear baby crying.
Overall, a decent restaurant.

Second Time


The tea was water that was tinted a slight yellow. It had no flavour. A bit of disappointment. I’m not sure if I’m recalling it properly, but I think the green tea tells how good the restaurant is. But like they say, never judge a book by it’s cover. idearabbit_kuma6

I ordered Pork Gyoza $3.95 which came with 6 pieces. The shell was fried just right. The sauce was really good. It was authentic Japanese gyoza. idearabbit_kuma7

Sheepie had the Tuna & Salmon Combo $11.95 with Tuna roll, Salmon roll, 2 Tuna nigiri and 2 Salmon nigiri. I had one of the salmon nigiri. To my surprise, underneath the salmon, we both found wasabi on the rice. Yup, another authentic nigiri.


For my sushi, I had the Negitoro roll $3.50 and Salmon & Avocado roll $4.25. I immediately noticed the freshness of the nori (seaweed), and also the vinegar in the rice. That is good quality.

I was both happy with the gyoza and sushi. Prices are in the average, but the quality is good.

The baby last time that was crying in the crib was crying or making sounds again, but this time on the back of the staff in the kitchen…

Would return again.

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