Nu Nu’s Sandwich Bar

Nu Nu's Sandwich Bar & Catering Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato For lunch, I was craving sandwich, but I didn’t want to go to Subways. I wanted a good wholesome comfy-food sandwich. I decided to try out Nu nu’s.

It was a small, hole-in-the-wall shop with two staff. The Chinese woman was doing most of the work, taking orders, making food, and handling cash. She spoke with an accent and super fast and not clear, so I had to listen carefully. At one point when she was talking about the panini, I didn’t really know what she was talking about. When she later on said the same thing to the next customer, I figured she said something like the paninis are already made on the side. I saw them afterwards and they looked pretty good, though the late summer sun rays were beaming on them…

The Chinese woman never smiled or was friendly in anyway, which was a turnoff. She wont give you your receipt, so if you need it, you’ll have to ask for it. I had gotten use to seeing Subway staff always make the sandwiches with gloves. This woman was handling cash and then making my sandwich with her bare hands. I didn’t catch her washing nor wiping her hands or anything…

idearabbit-nunus1 idearabbit-nunus2 idearabbit-nunus3I ordered the Ham and Cheese $6.75 (old price – has gone up, I paid $7.75 with taxes) The sandwich was really good. My boss said “Woo, that looks really good. Where’d you get that?” It tasted healthy, fresh and the light honey mustard gave just enough punch, but still not drown the natural flavours of the veggies.

The brochure is light, fun and energetic. The cartoon illustration of the Chinese lady is happy on the cover, but that’s not what you’ll get in reality.

Good sandwich! Mediocre service.

Second Time

Again, slow and mediocre service.

This time, I tried the grilled Turkey and Avocado Panini which was too small for price (around $8.50). The taste was simple and good though…


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