Trees Organic in Gastown

Trees Organic Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAfter dining at Taishoken, the 5 of us walked to Gastown for dessert and to meet up with one more friend. We arrived at Trees Organic in a location which I never knew it existed before. I have walked by it so many times, and never noticed.

With the heavy ramen broth, I was not interested in any more food, so I just had a Rooibos tea $2.40 instead. I also told them, the cakes were really sweet, and I could barely finish half. My friend ordered the Blueberry cheesecake $7/slice. Everyone loved it, and wondered why I would say it was super sweet. I did like it, but then again, we were only taking small bites, sharing a slice. I think it would be different if each of us had one.

idearabbit_treesorganic_gastown1The staff seemed to be Japanese, and the service was pretty good. The man who seemed to be the owner even brought in a small table with 2 chairs for us, though we ended up on the counter instead, and finally moving to the bigger table later on. The cafe is quite small, and I think they try to cram in too many tables and chairs… You are practically brushing each others’ chairs.

idearabbit_treesorganic_gastown2The owner brought our drinks to our table, and when we were about to leave, I still had most of the tea, so I asked for a to go cup, and he happily transferred it into a cup.


To get to the bathroom is a bit of a mystery at first. The cafe is inside a mini mall (if I can even call it that). We went into the stairwell, and found that whether we went up or down, there was a gate. We got back onto the floor with the cafe, and tried the elevator down. We came upon an area that looked a bit familiar. Hey! I know this bathroom! I went here when I dined at Al Porte! …so that was interesting.

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