Batard Boulangerie and Cafe Moderne

Batard Boulangerie and Cafe Moderne Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoA cafe with a ‘French’ charm. It ‘sectioned’ into three sections. The first area by the entrance is a little shop with organic goods and a take out deli. The next is the cashier, ordering station. There were a couple of muffins. The beverage menu is on a letter-sized paper by the cashier.

The staff were very friendly, and patient as we wandered around and looked at the menu board like lost children. It wasn’t that we couldn’t read, it was that one of us wanted to get pizza, while the two of us were ok in trying out this place. We couldn’t decide for while, but since the two of us didn’t want pizza, majority wins :) idearabbit_batard1

idearabbit_batard3 idearabbit_batard2I ordered the French Beef Dip $9.95. There were a couple of big loafs of bread on the back shelf, but only a few muffins on the counter. idearabbit_batard6

After we ordered, we moved onto the third section – the seating area with artwork on the wall with nice booth seats. Although the food was brought to our table, water and cutlery was self serve.

I know everyone loves French bread, but I’m not a super fan of hard crusted bread. Although I usually like hard food to chew on, like beef jerky, trying to eat a sandwich where it’s a bit hard to chew off gets a bit messy. However, the bread and beef went really well with the Au Jus. The small salad on the side was fresh and tasty.

idearabbit_batard4 idearabbit_batard5My friend who originally wanted the pizza ordered the OceanWise Shrimp Sandwich $9.95 and latte.

Clean up is again self-serve, or rather, self-cleanup into the gray bins. Very nice staff, charming interior and good food.

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