Bonchaz on Main

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoA narrow cafe on the corner of Broadway and Main St. I had a yoga class after work, and got to the studio early. I was super hungry, so I came to Bonchaz for their signature bun. To my disappointment, they didn’t have Original $1.50 or Chocolate Truffle $1.75 so I tried the Apple Cinnamon $1.75 which is only available at this location. I’m not sure why it was discounted, as it was still 5:30pm, so not closing time yet (7pm). I did see him later bake some more, so maybe he was trying to get rid of the old batch.

idearabbit_bonchaz_main3I got it for 99 cents (not sure why it isn’t a dollar considering we don’t have the penny anymore). Either way, it was a nice deal. The bun came a bit squashed, but it was fluffy and chewy with a filling inside. It wasn’t overly sweet, and I could have had another…mmmmm….dangerous! lol

idearabbit_bonchaz_main4I sat by the counter, watching the staff make fresh buns. Mmmmm… they looked good, but unfortunately, they wont be ready before I need to go to class. The speakers were a bit too loud, making it very difficult to hear Sheepie on the phone.

I’ll be back again when I have my next yoga class. Hopefully, they’ll have the Original or Chocolate left, or better yet, a new batched baked up!

Second Time

Yes! They indeed have the two I wanted to try the first time. Again, it was discounted so the two only costed me $1.70. Bargain!  idearabbit_bonchaz_main2The Chocolate Truffle is really hard to eat as the chocolate sprinkle falls off like crazy. Still, the chewy bun and a nice soft chocolate in the middle is delicious. idearabbit_bonchaz_Main1

The Original has sugar and butter…not good for my cavity-prone teeth…lol. But really good! I would have to say these two are my favourite.

As my yoga classes continue till mid April, I’ll be back twice a week! Oh oh! Lol.

Since coming back again and again, the service varies depending on who’s working behind the counter.

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