Cafe Orso in Deep Cove

Cafe Orso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe wordmark is a bit hard to read, but I do like the cute bear. A wooden carved bear stands at the entrance door to welcome everyone in. As I had read in other reviews, it was slick, modern, and clean. A higher-end cafe than your everyday Starbucks. Yet, it had a very comfortable feeling. The slightly hipsterish staff were bustling around as the cafe seemed quite popular.

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idearabbit_cafeorso9 idearabbit_cafeorso12idearabbit_cafeorso7 idearabbit_cafeorso8We ordered the Three Waffles with Seasonal Berries & Cream or Banana & Nutella $12.50. We had the berries. I was expecting an assortment of different types of berries, but it was only strawberries – though there’s nothing wrong with strawberries. It was really delicious. Not too sweet, and the right firmness/density to the waffles.

idearabbit_cafeorso5 idearabbit_cafeorso6 We also had coffee which was super bitter. However, after adding sugar and cream, it was one of the better coffees I’ve had. I’m no expert in coffee since I barely drink them, but my taste buds know which ones it likes. And this one was really good!

The food/drink was great as we chatted and watched pedestrians walk by as we sat by the window. This is a must-visit if you’re in Deep Cove. Yes, slightly different atmosphere from the cafes closer to the water. But if you enjoy hip, modern with a relaxed atmosphere with delightful interior design, check it out.

We spent our late afternoon by the waters, and as we were about to leave Deep Cove, we noticed that there was a live band in the cafe. On their website, you can see who’s playing on Sunday evenings. They recommend you reserve a table as it can quickly fill up!

idearabbit_cafeorso13A week later, we later returned with friends who had espresso, waffles, iced coffee, and I had the Rooibos Latte pictured above. It was creamy and very good. The pot seems small, but it never ran out! I kept drinking and drinking. No refills needed. Love this cafe ♥

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