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Idea Rabbit Business Cards from Jukebox Print

It’s heeeeeeeeeeeeere!!! Idea Rabbit business cards!! Hurray! Jukebox Print recently had a promo for 250 for only $22!! I couldn’t resist the bargain, and I also wanted to know how my cards would turn out. I have used them through a company I worked at before, but nothing for my own projects.

The promo was for $22 (originally around $100?)
-250 business cards at standard size 3.5″x2″
-colour on both sides
-with bleeds
-on 20 pt cardstock
-silk matte laminate finish
-digital printing
-3 to 4 day turnaround

I didn’t want to pay for shipping so I decided to go pick up myself from their office in Gastown. It was my first time going to their office. It was in a run-down building, but as soon as I opened the door on the second floor, it was like another dimension, with colourful walls that corresponds with their brand identity. They are open Monday to Friday 9-5, and Saturdays 9am-12:30pm. Since I work during weekdays, it was nice to have the option of going in on the weekend.


At the entrance of Jukebox Print

There was a young lady behind two large Mac computers at the reception desk. She took my printed order number and went in the back to find my order. Exciting!!! I anxiously waited as I looked at their samples on their window sills. Once she came back with my order, she asked me if I wanted to check them. I opened the box and viola! 250 of Idea Rabbit cards! :D I was a bit worried if 20pt would be thick enough, but it was pretty sturdy and a good thickness. The colour seemed saturated, which made the printed images stand out even more. Even though it was digitally printed and not on a press, the images were clear and crisp. What I loved the most was the texture!! It was this velvety, smooth fuzzy surface. It felt unique, and you just want to keep rubbing it LOL.

Once I started handing them out to people, they were impressed by the price and quality, but the number one thing they mentioned was the feel of the surface.

I asked the receptionist if she had the free Recycled sample pack that is advertised online, but she said you have to go online to order it. Bummer…it would save them postage $…and I could get it right away…oh well. Not a big problem.

Now it says 3 to 4 days turnaround, but for me, from the time I ordered to when I received the email that it was ready for pick up was 12 days. So if you’re looking for a rush, this may be a problem…though I vaguely remember in the order process that you may be able to indicate when you wanted the order to be done by (not sure if there is extra cost to this). Since I was in no hurry, I didn’t indicate any deadlines.


Comes in their nice colourful box :)


Woooooo! 250 of Idea Rabbit business cards!!




Look how nice they look! :D


Colour printing on both sides


So happy to hand them out to people!


Since I was at the Jukebox office, I picked up some of their printed samples of work – impressive and unique!

 I SOOOO happy I got them done at Jukebox Print. Their online chat system is a huge bonus since I always have a lot of questions for different projects and they are always very helpful. They are constantly adding new stock and unique feature for whatever creative project you may have.

Love you Jukebox Print!

Chocolate Arts Cafe

Chocolate Arts Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoVery modern and high end looking cafe. Located a bit in a inconvenient place and out of pedestrian traffic, the cafe is quiet with little customers.

The staff are very friendly and patient with the group of people we had brought along to the cafe. They carefully explained the chocolates so that they would understand.

It was not cheap! 4 chocolate pieces were about $1 each. The small macchiato (espresso) came to $3 with taxes – a bad decision as I was unable to sleep after that till 6am the next morning…(I’m quite sensitive to caffeine T_T).  It was really bitter and strong. Actually it’s my fault for making the mistake. I thought I was getting a ‘latte’ macchiato…my bad… It came with a small piece of dark chocolate.










$3 (with tax) machiatto

The chocolates are equally strong, and super rich. I’m not a chocolate person but it scored alright on  my analysis chart – lol.

Anyways, nice slick cafe, though it’s a bit ‘cold’ or lonely without much customers. They close either at 6 or 5pm, so no late coffee at this place.
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday 10:00–6:00 PST
Sunday 10:00–5:00 PST
Holidays 11:00–5:00 PST

Christmas Review:

So, we’ve been back several times to Chocolate Arts Cafe, but none was more exciting (probably the most excited was Sheepie – a chocolatier hobbyist) than around the time we went at Christmas. Greg Hook, the chocolatier and owner of Chocolate Arts Cafe, who usually is not at the cafe on weekends was busy making chocolate on a Sunday due to the high volume of chocolates needed for the Christmas holidays.


Greg Hook giving us a tour where all his chocolates are made!idearabbit-chocolateartscafe21 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe22

When he heard the the ‘Vancouver Chocolate Club’ which was started by Sheepie on last spring, he came out to greet us and even offered a special tour of the back despite his busy schedule. He said he was making about 70,000 chocolate a week during the holiday times. Wow…

He even tried some of Sheepie’s creation, and gave him constructive feedback, as well as advice and suggestions. While Sheepie was busy with Greg with the feedback, the rest of us enjoyed some free samples of their eggnog ice cream. Mmmm!! delicious!

We were quite pleased and honoured that Greg took so much time with us. Thank you Greg!


idearabbit-chocolateartscafe40idearabbit-chocolateartscafe30 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe31Yes, we were back again with the Vancouver Chocolate Club, and Greg came out to talk about his travel to France and showed us some raw beans. Thanks for the lesson!

idearabbit-chocolateartscafe32 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe33 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe34Chocolate Arts was presenting it’s new 71.2% Allure – a new product that Greg had come out with after going to France. He had a little workshop going with how the product was being used in new desserts – and we got a taste of it. It’s great to see someone who is not only passionate about this creations, but taking the time and effort out of his busy schedule to share them with the community.


Food Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere: carrotcarrotcarrot     Service: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrot

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie in Kits

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Since my German friend has gotten really hooked on making his own chocolate, we decided to check out Thomas Haas. Every time my friend made chocolates and gave them to people, they always suggested that he open his own chocolate store. So, to learn more about the business, we checked out how the pros did it – from a German pro.

Thomas Haas Chocolates are made every week by hand – no lines or mass production, using local ingredients, even to the point of sourcing some products directly from the farmer. No preservatives or artificial flavours are used! :D Thomas is a fourth generation pastry chef who grew up in his family’s pastry shop in the Black Forest village of Aichhalden, Germany.





Inside the cafe. A unique honeycomb like ceiling.


Small cake $5.80


Chocolate for $1.30 a piece


Cafe latte $3.60

The cafe is modern and clean – reminds me of places in Germany. We went on Saturday afternoon. It was very full and busy!! Never seen a cafe this crowded! I was also amazed at how much people were willing to pay for chocolate and pastries!

One piece of chocolate cost $1.30, latte $3.60 and tiny mango cake $5.80. I only had the latte and one pastry and it was already close to $10! The packaging designs displayed on the shelves were very simple and very European, the styles I like.

Since it was a nice day out, we sat outside on the small patio.

We were surprised to see that Thomas himself cleaned up every table. By doing that, he had the opportunity to chi chat a bit with each customer. However, unlike my German friend who was super outgoing and would make friends with every stranger on the street, he was a bit more reserved. My friend didn’t get an opportunity to chat up with him, but he said it was ‘inspirational’ to see his cafe.

Great cafe. Chocolates and cakes are not too sweet. Good latte. I’d definitely recommend.

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service: