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The Fair @ the PNE

*this is for summer of 2014 (sorry for the delay…one year that is…)
idearabbit-pne1 idearabbit-pne3This summer two friends and I got the chance to go to the PNE!
Admission to get into the Fair is $16, though you get a $3 discount if you purchase online for $13. This admission does NOT include the Ride pass ($42.75/$39.75).
The reason that we went to PNE was because one friend really wanted to go see his favourite singer perform. Unfortunately, we came too late – as in before showtime, but the arena was completely full by the time we got there, and were cutting off the long lineup. My friend was super disappointed.

idearabbit-pne4 idearabbit-pne5I think one of the biggest attractions was the Game of Thrones exhibition. Since I don’t watch the series, I couldn’t really relate to the many artifacts and costumes on display, but the work that goes into the show can be seen. We lined up for the final part – the 3D Oculus Rift experience where you go up in an elevator and stand on top of a icy cliff. It feels almost real with the headgear, real wind and vibrating ground despite the somewhat pixelated virtual reality. One friend was so wrapped up in it, I could hear him being really shocked and taken in. Lol. It was a really long line-up, but worth the wait for a 1-2 minute experience.

idearabbit-pne2Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the stand that sells phos, but here, I tried out a chicken pho instead of beef. It was pretty tasty, and good portion. There was a huge slice of lemon in it though. I thought pho came with lime? and not thrown in the soup.

idearabbit-domoAlso, we now a new friend! Introducing Domo-kun!! Yeah, he can be a bit intimidating sometimes, but he means no harm :) We played some games, but we only got really small prizes. I had my eyes on the Domo-kun, so I was pretty excited when I saw a small stand that had an old guy either guess one’s weight, age or birth month. I chose the weight, and he got it really off. I have a gut feeling that he doesn’t guess correctly to give the prize to customers – to lure more customers in. I paid $5 for game, and surely, the prizes are mass produced which costs them almost nothing. However, if I were to buy a Domo-kun from Japan, or a character store, it would have cost more to purchase, so I was happy.

Entertaining: carrotcarrotcarrot    Cost for Admission/Food: carrot

Atmosphere: carrotcarrotcarrot    Location: carrotcarrot carrot

North Vancouver’s Twilight Market

Friday Nights 5-10pm – May to September

Every year, I go to two of Richmond’s night markets. This year for a change, I dragged Sheepie out to North Vancouver’s night market instead. It’s held every Friday nights from 5pm-10pm at the Shipyards in lower Lonsdale (by the seabus terminal). There are over 80 vendors, over 30 food trucks with great music and local artisans. Admission is FREE :)
idearabbit-northvanmarket idearabbit-northvanmarket2 idearabbit-northvanmarket3The atmosphere is different from the Asian flair of Richmond night markets. Here local artists are featured and a spectacular view of the night skyline of downtown Vancouver if you come on a nice evening. The area isn’t big, but there’s lots to enjoy for the entire family.

Parking is easy to find on the streets, though you may have to do some hill walking. Or you can take the seabus.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, check out Twilight Markets!

SAIT Reunion 2014 in Vancouver

idearabbit-sait-reunion2I’ve been to three different post-secondary schools or institutions, (Alberta College of Art & Design, Capilano University, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and so far, SAIT is the only one those (that I know of!) that does reunions for past students. ACAD may have, but I don’t hear much from them except for what’s happening in around their school and the art community in Calgary. I think I still receive their email newsletter from time to time, but rarely ever read them.

idearabbit-sait-reunion idearabbit-sait-reunion3 idearabbit-sait-reunion2SAIT sends out their magazine which can be informative, even out here in Vancouver. This is an year-late post, but they had their reunion for those living in the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, as many have moved here for work or family reasons.

idearabbit-sait idearabbit-sait-reunion4It was held on Saturday Feb 15th, 2014 from 10am-noon (yes, really delayed posting!) The entire upper level of Blackbird Oyster Bar & Public House in downtown was reserved for us.

Since I only went to SAIT for continuing ed courses (finishing a Graphic Design Certificate in the end), I didn’t make much connections in class. The reunion was not just one department, nor one year. It was any former student, with some from the early 1960s were there, while others had just finished. It was interesting to hear the stories of others, how they moved around, what they wanted out of the school, and what they did now, or hoped to do in the near future.

idearabbit-sait-reunion5A complimentary buffet-style lunch was offered and it was really quite delicious. There were also draws and goodies to take home.

Thanks SAIT!