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Germany & Italy Travel

Hi everyone!

Thanks for reading my blog! I’m off to Germany today, and will be traveling through Germany and Italy until Sept 17th. I was in Germany just last year, and I was hoping to be more fluent in German, but unfortunately not :P It’s been 6 years since I was in Italy, but this time we will be hitting some small villages instead of the major cities with their touristy attractions. Should be exciting!

Hope to blog about it when I return. I will still be posting Vancouver food blog posts every 3 days, so keep checking back!

Enjoy your summer! :D

Updates to IdeaRabbit #3

Moving up on Urbanspoon! Yes, in update round #1, back in January 2014, I was still at #85. Now, I am at #34!! Thanks for reading guys! :D

Updates to some of the older posts to

nut_allery_allery_icon_smallAlso, since I’m allergic to nuts, especially peanuts and hazelnuts, and often times, it’s difficult to know if certain dishes have nuts in them. So starting late May, I have added a Nut warning icon in my reviews. Of course I will still talk about it in the review, but I thought it would pop out more and be helpful for those who are severely allergic.

If you have any suggestions or comments on how the blog could improve, let me know! Thanx! :) Happy reading~

Updates to IdeaRabbit #2

So, the last update was back in January. Now there’s been more changes and improvements since then :)

New Look Comes more Organization and Versatility
With the new wordpress theme, I was able to add menus at the top so posts are categorized and sorted out, making it easier and faster for those looking for a specific topic. Also with this new theme, it has allowed the site to be responsive, meaning that it can now be view on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

umagazineIn February, Umagazine asked if they could feature my blog on their website. U Magazine is a print and online Vancouver Magazine that tells the stories behind local businesses and events happening in Vancouver. The online magazine portion of is where you can go behind the scenes to learn more about businesses and events in Vancouver and their unique stories. They have coupons for restaurants, and will also host giveaway contests to their beloved readers! The Foodie Network section features local foodie bloggers :) (I do not get paid or receive any kind of rewards from UMagazine other than having my reviews featured on their website)

Bigger photos! With the change of the wordpress theme, I now am able to upload larger photos! (before was 460 pixels across – now it’s 660 pixels), meaning more details can be seen! :D

Moving up on Urbanspoon! Yes, back in January, I was still at #85. In April, I am now at around #37. Thanks for reading guys! :D

Reviews on Yelp! Yup! I’ve also started reviewing non-food related places on Yelp. For those places that I want to really go in depth with lots of photos, I will still however blog on instead. Otherwise, check out the Yelp section in the menu.

Updates to some of the posts to

Thanks for your support! Happy reading! :D