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Blenz Matcha Photo Contest!

Blenz is currently trying to promote their matcha drink by doing a photo contest. All you have to do is submit a photo of you and your matcha drink and and tell them what your favourite matcha drink is and why. Email your photo and short description to contest@blenz.com Also, you’ll need to ‘Like’ them on Facebook and follow their Twitter 

This isn’t the actual photo that was sent. But you get the idea.


I did, and WON! :D The nice kit includes a Matcha bowl, whisk, spoon, whisk stand and a tin of 100% ceremonial Matcha (retail value of the kit is $130).


I think they choose new winners each week during the promotion, so you have good chances of winning! You have until April 23rd!! They have 20 kits to be won! So hurry in!! :D

*Just a reminder the by entering their contest, if means that BLENZ can use your photo(s) on their website and social media.

More info on the contest and about Blenz can be found on their Extra Shot blog.


That Barista Thing 2011

There was a Vancouver International Latte Art Competition at the downtown Library Square, hosted by Blenz Coffee yesterday (Oct 2nd 2011)


  The poster and the illustration was done, of course by former IDEA student, Lloyd Pan who now works as the creative director at Blenz. The purple tshirts being handed out with the illustration you see here is really cool!!


Lloyd here is competing as a barista in the etching latte contest! He drew the guy “Todd” from his poster!