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Mr Number – App

Mr. Number Block Calls/Texts images

Have you ever been annoyed with telemarketers constantly calling you up? Well no more, cuz Mr. Number is here to the rescue! I simply love this app!! It’s simply the best!! I would even pay for it, but it’s completely FREE!

It allows you to block any numbers. You can manually type in the number to block, or if you’d just had a number you want to block in the future, simply look in the history section and select the number you want to block. Super simple to use, and reduces the headache of ever having to deal with telemarketers again! It goes to your voicemail, so if they actually have something they want to say, they’d leave a message. But 100% of the telemarketers (and others) that I block don’t.

It’s a MUST get for your phone!
Sorry, for ANDROIDS only. However, I’m pretty sure there are similar apps for iPhone users.