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Romantic Dinner on Accent Cruises

So we bought a deal for $39 per person for an evening boat ride with buffet dinner from one of the deal sites. We were lucky and had great weather that day. While waiting for the boat to depart, you can enjoy the view of Granville Island and the downtown on the top deck under the blue sky.
The staff were did their job but weren’t highly mannered or energetic per say.



Dining area


Everyone taking photos of the great viewidearabbit-accentcruises4

Up on top deck


After dinner, enjoying the sunset on the top deck. It can get a bit windy, but very romantic.

The bathrooms were a bit odd. Extremely cramped. The stalls were raised on a higher level, so not wheel-chair accessible. Also, the stalls are covered with curtains. Weird and insecure…didn’t like it…luckily, I only had to go once.

The boat ride was wonderful. We got to see the downtown passing on the right hand side as the sun began to set on the left side. We went along West Vancouver, where we could check out some expensive large houses in a way you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

The dinner was buffet. Not a lot of selection:, B.C. Salmon, filet of breast of chicken, greens, salad, steamed vegetables,  tortellini marinara and French baguette, but the taste was overall pretty good for a buffet. We felt a little intruded since our table was right by the buffet, and had traffic coming and going, but once everyone was settled, we got to enjoy our meal and the view with peace.

I find the regular price of $89 a bit too expensive, especially for the quality of the food being served and the boat itself. I think $45-60 would be a more reasonable rate, though I realize that keeping a boat that large at Granville Island must be expensive, not to mention the consumption of pricey fuel. If you’re looking to dine somewhere not on land, this might be worth checking out!

Taste:      Price for Value: (for the deal price)

Atmosphere:      Service: