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QR Generator

Ever wondered what those weird looking pixelated barcodes were?
They work the same way as the barcodes on products – they have information stored or coded, and are decoded once scanned by a device.
By using our smartphones and scanning them in, we can be taken to any website.
This is a great way to promote your company, esp if it’s new. It’s free, and simple for users to use.

I know that this was already in use back in 2005 when I lived in Japan. It’s quickly catching on here in Canada as more and more people are using smartphones.

Go and generate your own QR code to promote your website or company!
It’s really simple. Just plop in your web address, and click the button “Get Your Code!”, and viola, the QR code is created instantly!


qr-20130423054010This is the one I generated for my IDEA rabbit blog. Hold your smartphone up to the computer screen and using a QR coding app, scan the QR and you should be taken to this blog! :D