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La Banquise

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I was visiting Montreal so I couldn’t just pass through without trying out some poutine! So I decided to check out La Banquise as it had good reviews and a huge selections on the variety of poutine.

I was ready to line up as I heard it was super popular, but I was super lucky and got a seat right away inside. There was a line up for take out though. The place was lively with an energetic atmosphere and colourful decor. The music was loud and the voices of the customers were loud. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’m not a fan of loud restaurants, especially if I’m chatting with other people. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, as I was doing a solo backpacking trip across the East, but still, I like my peace and quiet while I eat.


I ordered the La Classique regular size – that’s it, but it took along time for it to come out. 22 min is a long time to sit around with no one to talk to, nor have any reception on my phone.

Yes, it’s definitely not healthy. It was super salty, the fries were brown (like it was fried in bad oil), so it was crispy. I expected the cheese curds to be melted more. It was meh. But people just keep coming in!! Before I even got half way through, I was so full! After 5 min of eating, I was ready to leave. There was no AC, so it got pretty hot in the middle of summer and with so many people. Maybe sitting out in the patio would have been better.

By the time I left there was a huge lineup. So great timing for me!

The service was friendly, but the food didn’t wow me, or even come to a ‘good’ level. Not sure what the hype is… maybe the wide selection?

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Jane’s at the Heights

Jane's at the Heights Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoDisclaimer: *This was a complimentary meal. This post was not edited or written for monetary compensation, and are solely my opinions and observations. The owner did know that I was there to dine as a blogger.

The restaurant and Zomato had generously offered a free entree, so I decided to check out the place. We went around 4:30pm on a Saturday, and there were 2 single men eating away. We sat in a booth that had torn areas, but for the most part, I thought the place was cleaner than I expected.

The place was quiet, without any of those annoying TV screen all around you, so that you could actually do some talking. idearabbit_janesattheheights1 idearabbit_janesattheheights6 idearabbit_janesattheheights5There were some interesting decor on the wall. idearabbit_janesattheheights4idearabbit_janesattheheights3

idearabbit_janesattheheights2Their menu consists of a wide selection of Western food, Chinese and Thai. It’s embarrassing to say as a food blogger, but I don’t think I’ve been to a restaurant that was so mixed like this one.

idearabbit_janesattheheights7I love Egg Benedicts, so I had to try their Heights Benny $11.25 with two poached eggs, sliced ham, caramelized onions, saute mushrooms on English muffins covered in hollandaise sauce and a side of hash browns and salad. The hashbrowns were super crispy and hot! Mmm! Delicious. I think it’s the first Benny that had so much in it. It was really filling. The salad on the side was really nice and refreshing to counter balance the heavy benny’s.idearabbit_janesattheheights8  idearabbit_janesattheheights9idearabbit_janesattheheights11

I know some people don’t like runny yolks, but I love them! So this was perfect! It mixes with the sauce, and gives another option for flavour and texture for the hashbrowns, as opposed to eating them straight.

idearabbit_janesattheheights10Sheepie had the Classic Burger $9.95 with a 5 oz sirloin beef patty along with large leafy greens, tomato, onions and pickles. Sheepie complimented that it had superior bun like in Germany (but that’s probably because they were Kaiser buns – which are originally from Austria). He said that the patty was really good, and that it was the best burger he’s had in a long time. The fries, like the hashbrowns were hot and crispy. Thumbs up.

The Thai owner was really friendly and I got to chat with his for a bit. Since the my benny was complimentary, the bill was much lower. Because of that, my % for the tip was lower than I expected when I punched into the debit machine. I got cash out for the tip, where he talked about how he was focused on serving good food, with good service, and wasn’t concerned about the tips. (I still gave him some).

It’s not in the area where I usually go to, but I wouldn’t mind returning again! I am already craving the runny yolks and the crispy hot hashbrowns/fries as I write this!

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

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White Spot on Georgia

White Spot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoIt’s great for those that drive a car and need parking to dine anywhere in downtown. It is almost near to impossible to find a restaurant offering free parking in downtown.

The place is open and spacious. Kept clean (especially after our experience in Richmond). I often ordered the Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese, but thought I’d try something new. I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie $12.99 with chicken, potato, carrot, celery and peas in a creamy broth with baked with a flaky puff pastry.

idearabbit_whitespot_georgia1It came with a decent sized The Spot’s salad (I ordered it without nuts. I think for those who are allergic to nuts, they should really state in their menu that there are almonds in the salad – as I found out the first time I ordered a side salad).

I’m always quite satisfied with White Spot’s portions. The salad was fresh, and the additions of dried cranberries were really nice to counter balance the subtle sour dressing. The puffy pastry was easy to get through, and I dipped them into the broth to soften and to add flavour. The broth was creamy, and the veggies and chicken were soft yet not mushy. It is ‘comfort’ food. The broth wasn’t too salty, which I was happy with. idearabbit_whitespot_georgia2

Sheepie ordered The Legendary Burger with their traditional 1/4 lb. beef burger with signature Triple “O” sauce. Their beef is 100% Canadian beef (less carbon foot print and support local farms). You have the choice of either a Caesar Salad or The Spot’s Salad or Creamy coleslaw. Sheepie chose the coleslaw. It also came with ‘Endless’ fries.

Since the fries were unlimited (which I think is awesome – though perhaps not so awesome for your waist :P ) I had quite a bit of it. They were thick, crispy and not salty (which I prefer). We had seconds :)

They were renovating a bit and replacing the seats for the booths. It wasn’t too bothersome as they started when we were close to leaving, but still, it was still 8:30pm and they were going to be open till 11pm. However, being Sunday evening, it was quiet empty by then on the west side where we were dining.

Service was good. Friendly staff. Nice warm fireplace in the middle which made it very cozy.

When I crave for ‘Western’ food that is affordable, comfy, good food with good portions, I seem to lean towards White Spot. I used to go to Denny’s but now I find their food way too greasy and heavy.


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