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Jagerhof Schnitzel House

Jagerhof Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWith Deutsches Haus closed down to the public (schade…), I was disappointed to not have any German restaurants to go to in Vancouver. We went to the one in North Van on Lonsdale called Jagerhof. (Deutsches Haus has since reopened in 2016)

Sheepie and I entered and stood a while at the entrance and waited for staff to greet us or take us to a table. It seemed like they were not in a rush. Throughout our dinner, we noticed that other customers were treated the same.idearabbit_jagerhof1Nice menus! idearabbit_jagerhof2idearabbit_jagerhof3idearabbit_jagerhof4

This restaurant is more Austrian than German.Sheepie commented that as he looked at the decor which had historical images and objects, but it is quite comfy. The first time we came, Sheepie complained again (as with Deutsches Haus) that the schnitzel is not suppose to be breaded. Well, things are ‘westernized’ when things get imported. It’s like me telling people ‘spoons do not come with miso soup! and it’s not suppose to come first! It’s suppose to come with the rice and main!’ LoL.    idearabbit_jagerhof5We ordered the salad which was only chopped up romaine with cheese which I thought was pretty ridiculous and expensive for $6.95. Pop was $2.45…slightly over priced for soda at a restaurant like this.

idearabbit_jagerhof6Jagerhof Platter $19.95  had a variety of German food from sausage, sauerkraut, pork chop, Schnitzel with mushroom gravy, and side dishes of potatoes and red cabbage. We shared the platter amongst the two of us, and it was quite filling – and fattening! lol

idearabbit_jagerhof7The service is sometimes a bit cold. They aren’t all that friendly and cheerful. Our server didn’t speak any German. But then again, how many servers at a Japanese restaurant speak Japanese? lol. I guess I was itching to use a bit of German I’ve been learning…lol

Presentation for the food doesn’t really get much points. Just meat and side dishes put together on one plate. However, very tasty! The decor to me is reminiscent of German restaurants in Germany – or perhaps what I perceive as German restaurants. I’m glad we have this restaurant. The only other one I know is the Old Bavaria Haus in New Westminster. That will be my next dine out adventure.

Note: they will not give you the receipt with the orders on it. (if you pay by card, they will give you the card transaction receipt only) So take a pic if you need it! lol


idearabbit-jagerhof10Sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut. Very filling!

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Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie in Kits

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Since my German friend has gotten really hooked on making his own chocolate, we decided to check out Thomas Haas. Every time my friend made chocolates and gave them to people, they always suggested that he open his own chocolate store. So, to learn more about the business, we checked out how the pros did it – from a German pro.

Thomas Haas Chocolates are made every week by hand – no lines or mass production, using local ingredients, even to the point of sourcing some products directly from the farmer. No preservatives or artificial flavours are used! :D Thomas is a fourth generation pastry chef who grew up in his family’s pastry shop in the Black Forest village of Aichhalden, Germany.





Inside the cafe. A unique honeycomb like ceiling.


Small cake $5.80


Chocolate for $1.30 a piece


Cafe latte $3.60

The cafe is modern and clean – reminds me of places in Germany. We went on Saturday afternoon. It was very full and busy!! Never seen a cafe this crowded! I was also amazed at how much people were willing to pay for chocolate and pastries!

One piece of chocolate cost $1.30, latte $3.60 and tiny mango cake $5.80. I only had the latte and one pastry and it was already close to $10! The packaging designs displayed on the shelves were very simple and very European, the styles I like.

Since it was a nice day out, we sat outside on the small patio.

We were surprised to see that Thomas himself cleaned up every table. By doing that, he had the opportunity to chi chat a bit with each customer. However, unlike my German friend who was super outgoing and would make friends with every stranger on the street, he was a bit more reserved. My friend didn’t get an opportunity to chat up with him, but he said it was ‘inspirational’ to see his cafe.

Great cafe. Chocolates and cakes are not too sweet. Good latte. I’d definitely recommend.

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Vancouver Alpen Club Deutsches Haus

Deutsches Haus at the Vancouver Alpen Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Been here several times to enjoy real German food – hence the name Deutsches Haus (German House). Located a bit underground, I never knew about this restaurant. But it’s cozy and decorated with photos of Germany. The restaurant is open and quite large. It’s usually only half full, so never have to wait to sit down.

The first time I came to Deutsches Haus last year, it was also my first time trying out German food, so all was very new to me. I had been on a almost no-red-meat diet the year before, so that was also new in terms of introducing meat-heavy dishes. I didn’t know anything about German cuisine, so I left it up to my company to decide, as he was from Germany. Most staff there are Germans and so far, I’ve never really interacted with the servers since my company does all the talking in German.idearabbit_deutscheshaus1


German bread – hard and denseidearabbit_deutscheshaus4






The leberkase has become one of my favourites. It looks like a thick ham, and is similar to bologna sausage, topped with a sunny-side up egg and lightly seasoned potatoes on the side. We also ordered the German pretzel $3 – pretty much like the New York pretzels. We also ordered the infamous schnitzel with vegetables and fried potatoes $11.

My company noted to the server that the schnitzel is NOT supposed to be breaded and deep fried – that is not the way in Germany. Apparently, some of the servers didn’t know about even though they were from Germany…and they used the excuse that the cook was Chinese – LOL.

The food is pretty good. The portion may look a bit small, but since it’s meat and oily, it quickly fills you up. It is on the pricier side, so not your everyday dine-in place, but worth the trying it out.

Sept 29 2013 – No Longer a Public Restaurant…
Sheepie wanted to host his birthday dinner at Deutsches Haus, so we went to see if we could make reservations. Surprisingly, it seems like it is no longer a public restaurant. When Sheepie went in to make reservations, he was told that he now has to become a member which would then allow him to bring 4 other people as guests. With 10 people or so in mind, that would mean that t least another 2 people would have to become members. We thought the membership was free, but after reading a review on Urbanspoon, it seems like the membership costs a whopping $10. Now why would I pay $10 to become a member, and have to pay for food on top of that? Ok, so they may take that off the food bill, but does that apply to your guests?

It seemed a bit strict. Not only that, you must fill out a form with all your info like full name, address, contact info, and it even asks you if you can speak German – but written in German, so if you didn’t check ‘no’ the staff would still know that you don’t understand German because you wouldn’t have been able to read it in the first place. Sneaky.

idea-rabbit_mascot-cryingFrom what we speculate, it could be because they were not able to get a license from the city so they are not allowed to serve food to the public. But if they are a private ‘club’, then they are able to serve to those members as usual.

It’s sad, as I don’t know many German restaurants in the Vancouver area. (there’s Jagerhof, but that’s all the way in North Van…) Luckily, the last German food I ate was in Germany – real authentic German food…ah…I miss it…even though I’m not much of a meat-eater. But where to get some here?

2016 Update

They have since reopened to the public! Yay!

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