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La Banquise

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I was visiting Montreal so I couldn’t just pass through without trying out some poutine! So I decided to check out La Banquise as it had good reviews and a huge selections on the variety of poutine.

I was ready to line up as I heard it was super popular, but I was super lucky and got a seat right away inside. There was a line up for take out though. The place was lively with an energetic atmosphere and colourful decor. The music was loud and the voices of the customers were loud. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’m not a fan of loud restaurants, especially if I’m chatting with other people. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, as I was doing a solo backpacking trip across the East, but still, I like my peace and quiet while I eat.


I ordered the La Classique regular size – that’s it, but it took along time for it to come out. 22 min is a long time to sit around with no one to talk to, nor have any reception on my phone.

Yes, it’s definitely not healthy. It was super salty, the fries were brown (like it was fried in bad oil), so it was crispy. I expected the cheese curds to be melted more. It was meh. But people just keep coming in!! Before I even got half way through, I was so full! After 5 min of eating, I was ready to leave. There was no AC, so it got pretty hot in the middle of summer and with so many people. Maybe sitting out in the patio would have been better.

By the time I left there was a huge lineup. So great timing for me!

The service was friendly, but the food didn’t wow me, or even come to a ‘good’ level. Not sure what the hype is… maybe the wide selection?

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Click to add a blog post for Fritz European Fry House on ZomatoMy friend had gotten a pretty decent Groupon for them, and when we had tried out their poutine, it was pretty delicious, though on the salty side. The meat on top of the fries, cheese and gravy made it tasty and filling.

A small cup of fries was $5 and with a topping of pulled pork, it was an additional $2.50, bringing it to a total of $7.75 (with taxes) for a tiny cup you would get for an ice-cream scoop. The flavour and texture of the pork is really good, but I thought that $8 was too expensive for fast food. But it was for a special occasion – Sheepie has just become Canadian, and he hadn’t really had much poutine, so I thought this was a perfect way to truly become Canadian – lol.

idearabbit-fritzThere aren’t any tables, just small benches, but that was fine as my order was for take-out. The lady there wasn’t super friendly or anything.

Without any deals or discounts (or special occasion), I wouldn’t go back.

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Roasty Jack

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Located in Brentwood Mall food court, another fast food chain that survives because of the business workers that all storm to the mall during lunch hour. Their main dish or ingredient is the turkey.

I’ve only had the their hearty turkey soup $ 3.99 (small) and potatoes with gravy. (gravy alone is $0.60). It’s run by Chinese whom my friend says they don’t know how to cook the turkey properly.

When I went to order my soup that day, the guy at the cashier was crouched below the counter eating his meal. It didn’t seem professional, nor appetizing. The lady that helped me couldn’t find the ladle and just grabs one from the open window to the kitchen. It was used. I hope it was used to cook the soup. I hope it was recent. I hope it’s not dirty. Gross.

Well, all I can say, is that the soup was pretty salty, but good. Lots of turkey chunks, and went well with my Greek rice. Also, I didn’t have any bad stomachs afterwards.



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