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Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile on UrbanspoonWe went on a Friday evening, and it was full house. We didn’t have reservation, but we were able to get a table pretty quickly.
The doorman, or doormen, as there were two of them were friendly, and so was the hostess.

The restaurant is fancy, fine dining. I felt a little underdressed as I wasn’t aware that we would be heading out to such a fancy restaurant. However, as I scanned the customers, it seemed like there were those who were dressed fancy, but also those were more on the casual side. So I relaxed. The interior is nice, and the noise level can get a bit high, so you might want to opt for the patio which is heated, or enjoy the natural warmth during the summer season.



We were looking at the menu, confused, as I was not very familiar with French cuisine. All the servers seemed French, all with accents. When our server came, he explained the specials of the day. I am not sure how servers remember such a long list. He told us 4 appetizers and 2 main. It was hard to remember what was what.

We ordered one appetizer – Fresh Foie Gras $28.95
Main – Halibut $39.95
Main – Caribou $41.95

This is by far our most expensive bill. We were shocked to find the appetizer was so expensive. I didn’t even like it too much. I wasn’t much fan of the raw and strong taste of it. I was also not used to the squishy texture of it. The huge deep fried rings were incredibly hard to eat with the forks. Pretty dish, but not easy to eat. The scallop on top however, were excellent.


Fresh Foie Gras $28.95

The halibut came with pasta in a rich creamy sauce. The halibut was really juicy and soft. Excellent! The mini tomatoes were dangerous! hehe. They squirted out like crazy if you weren’t too careful! It may seem like a small dish, but it was quite filling for me. After eating the appetizer, I could barely finish my halibut dish.


Halibut $39.95

We didn’t order any desserts, but we got a small complimentary pie. It was nice and hot. Tasted really good, although my company didn’t like it at all.


At the end we received the bill with 2 crocodile chocolates. One milk chocolate, and the other dark. I chose dark. It was pretty good, though not sure if it was good as the chocolates that my company made :)


Overall, it was good presentation, great service and good food. I wasn’t happy with the appetizer, but perhaps it’s because I’m not used to food like them…

The prices seemed a bit extreme for what was prepared. I can understand the caribou being so expensive, but not sure if I agree with the other two dishes. But after eating ‘student’ meals for a few years some years back, it’s nice to see the other side of the spectrum.

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