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Joey on Burrard

JOEY Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I had a $25 gift card, so I took my brother who was visiting, out for dinner on a weekday evening. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by a friendly hostess that asked us whether we wanted to sit in the lounge (left) or dining area (right). We chose the dining.

All the staff were smiles from ear to ear, no matter who we got. The interior was modern, higher-end and lively.

idearabbit-joeygrill_burrardidearabbit-joeygrill_burrard2I ordered the Ahi Tuna Tataki $15.50. I was a bit disappointed in the size as I thought I had seen photos of it which was a lot bigger and had more ingredients. My bad. Anyways, it was probably a good thing since I was going to yoga class in an hour. The yuzu was citrusy and the tuna really just melted in my mouth. It was refreshing, healthy dish – great for summer.

098e209a02be61d7d2250b3e642b8bcc(this is the photo I saw..somewhere…maybe their website or Zomato…so I was expecting something like this…lol)

idearabbit-joeygrill_burrard3My brother got a full meal by ordering Blacked Basa $20 with tomato pickled ginger salsa, rice and veggies. It looked really good. I didn’t try any, so no comment, but he said it was ‘good’, but then again, he’s not really picky :P

I loved the atmosphere, nicely decorated with modern flair and had a nice comfortable atmosphere. Service was excellent. Nice presentation of dishes. Would definitely return.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
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Zen Japanese Restaurant

Zen Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonOur friend of ours wanted to dine at Zen, so the four of us went to West Van to try out the place. It was a warm summer evening, so we sat out in the patio.

A bit higher end than your typical sushi place, we were looking forward to indulge in some fine dining. The water took forever to come out and our thirst seemed worse since we had been outside for most of the hot day prior to this dinner. When they did come, my glass was all scratched up like crazy as if it went through the garburator. It wasn’t dirty, but it wasn’t nice to drink out of, especially at a fine restaurant like this. My friend asked ‘what the heck happened to your glass??’ idearabbit-zen1idearabbit-zen2Their own custom branded plates and bowls! The napkin was folded in a neat way that kept us busy trying to figure out the folds. :P

idearabbit-zen6Negitoro $6.50!

The negitoro was an expensive $6.50 but I didn’t notice anything superior to any rolls for half the price at other places. It wasn’t as flavourful and the nori (seaweed) was really chewy. It didn’t have the fresh nori smell I loved. This is not worth ordering here.

idearabbit-zen5 idearabbit-zen4Tori Gyoza $7.95

The Tori Gyoza $7.95 was something unexpected. It was nicely presented, but it was not gyoza. It was more like deep fried karaage. I guess if you like karaage, then you’ll be jumping for joy, but I love gyoza so it was a bit of disappointment. Not saying that it didn’t taste good, though I found there was too much sauce for my liking. The veggie wrap in the middle was refreshing and nicely put together.

idearabbit-zen3Tuna Tataki $13.95

Tuna Tataki $13.95 was 5 pieces of sliced tuna. This was my favourite dish out of the three. It came with horse radish, ginger and negi (green onions) which went really well with the ponzu sauce. The tuna was really soft and fresh. An excellent dish.

My friend that wanted to try out Zen asked the server what he recommends for a drink. He brought her the Zen Lemon Ginger $10. I had a sip and it was zesty, cold and really refreshing after a hot day in the sun.

Sheepie had the Kimchi Yaki Udon with pork $10.95 which was a decent size and priced fairly.

Another friend ordered one of the Zen rolls. The Millennium Roll $15.95 with dungeness crab, salmon, tuna wrapped in egg crepe with honey dijon sesame. But as him, Sheepie and I always say – the fancy rolls that are so popular these days all taste the same regardless of the content because they drown it with all the sauce. In this cause, we said the crab flavour was lost and the mayo was too strong.

Overall, it was satisfactory but I would not order the Negitoro again. I personally would pass on the gyoza as well since I still prefer the traditional gyoza. The fancy roll is a hit and miss.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
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Takumi Japanese Restaurant

Takumi Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonWe happen to walk by this place and thought we’d try it out the next evening. It’s a quiet, higher-end Japanese restaurant with only half of the restaurant occupied. All the staff seemed to be Japanese, and the green tea was really good ($1.50 for 2 people). It had a really nice atmosphere, somewhere you can really sit down and have a good chat.

idearabbit-takumi idearabbit-takumi3
The service was great and the restaurant is kept very clean. The china that the cuisine is served on seem to be all authentic, expensive china.

The dinner started off with complimentary Kinpira Gobo (braised burdock root). It was light in flavour and reminded me of my mom’s cooking.
I ordered the Unaniwa Udon $12 which reminded me of when I would go and eat Unaniwa Udon with my grandmother when I lived in Japan for 10 months. It tasted authentic. It’s not your typical fat, white cheap udon. These are almost see-through, and the broth is very light. Just the kind I love. I think it’s catered more towards older people…lol. Or with mature taste :P . Also good for those who are more health conscious and wanting to avoid heavily salted and oily ramen.

idearabbit-takumi4Gyoza $5.95 idearabbit-takumi7Chopped Scallop roll $4.95 and BC roll $4.95 idearabbit-takumi6Unaniwa Udon $12 idearabbit-takumi5Negitoro $4.95

The Negitoro $4.95 was satisfactory, though I didn’t get the hint of crispy nori (dried seaweed) flavour and smell you would get when you use good nori.
The Gyoza $5.95 had a strong nira (aka garlic chives or Chinese leek) taste which I liked. This tasted like real authentic Japanese gyoza.

Sheepie ordered the Chopped Scallop roll $4.95 and BC roll $4.95. They were nicely presented on a beautiful teal-coloured plate. Rolls aren’t really part of Japanese sushi. These don’t exist in Japan. So although these rolls were ok, I would recommend ordering Japanese dishes instead to get an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.

The AC was a bit strong, but otherwise, I very much enjoyed the dining experience. I highly recommend Takumi. The prices aren’t outrageously high, and you get great quality and service. I’ll definitely like to return again.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
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