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Han Woo Ri Korean Restaurant

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWith a bit of lineup and all the awards hung at the entrance, I was looking forward to trying this restaurant. The BBQ smell while we waited was mouth-watering. We stood there for a while, and we didn’t get any acknowledgement from any of the staff. I went to the bathroom during the wait, then we were seated shortly afterwards.
I was a bit surprised to see the prices of some of the dishes especially since it didn’t seem like an high-end restaurant. The plastic plates (ahhh my pet peeves in restaurants! lol) were wet… yuck… I know it’s clean, but there’s something about having to eat off of completely wet plates. This added to the impression that this wasn’t a high-end place.

idearabbit-hanwoori1 idearabbit-hanwoori4 idearabbit-hanwoori3 idearabbit-hanwoori2 idearabbit-hanwoori5idearabbit-hanwoori6There were 6 different types of Ban-chan (side dishes). My favourite as usual are the potatoes, and the sliced radish were also good. We didn’t get any seconds, since I saw on their menu that extra orders were $1.50 each. The broccoli was a bit boring in terms of culinary creativity, though I’m not against eating my greens, and sometimes, I do enjoy them without any additional flavouring.
Although I think I had only tried Jajangmyun once before, I thought I’d try it once again to see what it’s like since becoming a food blogger and really noticing the food that I eat.

idearabbit-hanwoori8 idearabbit-hanwoori9The Jajangmyun $8.95 doesn’t look quite appetizing, but after you mix it all up, it’s ok. I didn’t find my taste buds celebrating the flavour. It wasn’t until the end that I noticed diced pork, which were tender. idearabbit-hanwoori7I ended up being interested in Sheepie’s dish more; Bulgogi Dukbaegi $11.95. It looked so much more appetizing with marinated beef stew with rice cake, noodles and assorted veggies. Unfortunately, it was mostly soup, and not much ingredients. I can never tell if I’m suppose to ‘drink’ the soup because I wonder if it’s just a ‘support’ for the flavours of the food inside, or if you’re suppose to consume it together as a soup. I think I mainly have this notion because for Japanese Ramen, we don’t ‘drink’ the soup. You can if you want to, and some do, but the soup is suppose to give the flavours to the noodles, so it’s often very salty and concentrated. Unless you need a ton of sodium, MSG and often fatty oils, I wouldn’t recommend consuming the soup.
This is the second time I’ve had something similar like this dish at a Korean restaurant, and I’ve often left the soup behind. I always find the flavour a ‘left over’ soup. As in like it was ‘water’ that the ingredients were ‘cooked’ in. If you know what I’m really suppose to do, give me a shout! Though, I guess even if you’re suppose to, I just don’t feel like consuming the soup part… Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE soups, but perhaps not these kinds.
Service was satisfactory. The bell to ring for service is always very handy. The interior wasn’t really that fancy. It was kept clean, but does not have the characteristic or charm that say, Sura has.

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