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Der Beck


Lecker. Leben. Leidenshaft (their tagline: delicious. live. passions)

This became my favourite cafe in Germany!! It like our version of Starbucks but 100% better! It was everywhere you went on the west side of Germany.

I fell in love with latte macchiato. I have been super disappointed that no cafe in Vancouver has Latte macchiato on their menu board. I see Cafe Latte and Caramel macchiato on most menus, but never Latte Machiatto. It’s strange considering that it’s doesn’t contain any ingredients that doesn’t exist here. It’s just the way it’s prepared and the ratio of milk, foam and espresso. One time, I asked Edward from Gutenberg Cafe if he knew, and he didn’t. Me and my German company tried to explain it to him. He took on the challenge, but unfortunately, it was nothing like the real thing – in fact, it was way off. I talked to Blenz, and they seem to have different flavoured macchiatos, again, I was only interested in the real thing – not all this ‘flavour added’ drinks that seem to be the thing here in North America. Same goes for sushi. Anyways, so my search continues.

They have a huge selection of bakery items. They all look very delicious. Definitely better than any bakery you’d find in Vancouver even though that is the ‘norm’ in Germany. I can see why my German company keeps complaining about bread and pastries here in Canada. I knew another European guy who disliked the coffee here – now I know why all the Europeans complain about coffee and pastries here.


My FAVOURITE latte macchiato!


Mmmmmm yummy pastery



The latte macchiato is warm and creamy. Mmmmmmm!!! The gradation is pretty and an ‘art’ in itself. I don’t take sugar or honey, so you’d think it’s bitter – but it’s not. It’s just perfect the way it is! I love it! :D Any pastry goes very well with the latte macchiato. I usually order non-sugary pastries which are incredibly good.

I sooooooo wish there was Der Beck in Vancouver!

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