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Prince William and Kate Middleton in Calgary 2011

Back in 2011, I happen to be in Calgary when Prince William and Kate Middleton were visiting the city. I thought it was once in a life-time opportunity to see the Royals, so I lined up with a huge crowd for hours and hours in the summer’s heat, just to see 30 seconds of them pass by, far off in the distance at a Government Reception at the BMO Centre on July 7, 2011. The newly wed Royal Couple were on their 8th day of their first joint overseas tour.

idearabbit-royalsParade before the Royals arrive

idearabbit-royals2 idearabbit-royals3 Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive on a horse drawn carriage wearing cowboy hats

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the rest of the ceremony which was held in front of the building from where we were standing. With so many people, there was no way to get any closer. Still, it was exciting to get a glimpse of the Royals :)