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Tractor in Kitsilano

Tractor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI had heard that this place was really good – especially if you’re into ‘healthy’ foods, so I thought I would go and check it out on a Saturday lunch.

The place was packed with a small line up. Since it was the first time, I was looking around wandering how the process went. The place is slick, modern and higher-end feel. I like their branding. The logo and wordmark goes really well together.

idearabbit_tractor1idearabbit_tractor2 idearabbit_tractor3

It was nice to see a ‘sample’ of what the sandwiches looked like. It helped with the decision process. I went with the Half Tuna Melt $5 and a side of Lemon Kale Salad $3.25 with kale, radicchio, borlotti beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, asiago cheese, topped with creamy lemon dressing.

idearabbit_tractor4While I waited for my to-go order, I sipped on some water from the condiments/cutlery station which was setup really nicely. Even though it looked pretty stocked, a staff came by and filled it up even more. They also grilled the chicken (if you ordered any) in front of you as you waited – gets your mouth watering for sure!

idearabbit_tractor5 I had read about the small portions, but I still wasn’t prepared to see how small they were – especially for the price. I found the salad pretty bland, compared to the Kale Slaw salad that I normally have for lunch from Heirloom nearby. I wouldn’t say it’s bad per say. I like eating healthy, and the less condiments, the better, especially for salads. However, I wouldn’t pay $3.25 for it.  idearabbit_tractor6

The tuna melt on the other hand was pretty good. The bread was nicely toasted and crispy. The tuna was flavourful. Overall though, it was a bit greasy. Above, I took a photo of the food alongside a regular fork to show the size.

My conclusion: the food is alright, though I find it quite pricey. If you spend the same amount of money that you’d do at a sushi place across the street, you’ll be left starving quickly. I’m not a huge fan of super crowded and busy cafes/restaurants, so unless I go there during non-peak hours, I don’t think I would come sit down and dine. Also, finding a seat might be a challenge in the first place. However, the place is kept really clean and organized despite the crowd. The staff are friendly and patient.

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Connie’s Cook House

Click to add a blog post for Connie's Cook House on ZomatoWe were looking for a place to dine for dinner, but it seemed like everywhere on 4th Ave was really busy. We stumbled upon Connie’s and Sheepie suggested we try, even though it was pretty empty, except 3 diners.

The interior was colourful with yellow checkered table cloths along with metal, iron looking chairs. We ordered the House Special Chow Mein $10.95 and Kung-Po Chicken with Peanuts (hot) $11.25. The food arrived promptly.

idearabbit-conniecookhouse1 idearabbit-conniecookhouse4

idearabbit-conniecookhouse2Kung-Po Chicken with Peanuts (hot) $11.25

idearabbit-conniecookhouse3 House Special Chow Mein $10.95

The Kung-po was topped with deep fried cashew nuts. The sauce was really salty and heavy in soy sauce, so that must be the reason why the server asked if we wanted rice. But since we had the noodles, we had declined. The baby corn (my favourite) had an odd ‘off’ taste – not fresh…though they were likely from cans, so I guess not fresh, but nonetheless, I avoided them after trying 2 bad ones. Portion was pretty good.

The noodles on the other hand was really bland. Chicken were tender, but was wary on trying any of the seafood after the bad fortune with the baby corn. I was skeptical of their ‘freshness’ of the food. The noodles were crunchy and there was plenty of sauce. We mixed the Kung-po and this dish to ‘balance’ out the saltiness. Portion was decent with lots of veggies, chicken and seafood.

Service was satisfactory. Food was ok, but not enough for me to actually make effort to come back for.

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Corner Cup Coffee House

Click to add a blog post for Corner Cup Coffee House on Zomato On a late Sunday afternoon, we dropped by this nice, open and surprisingly empty cafe. The server was friendly, and they had a good selection on their menu. It has a ‘Kits’ feel with the laid back atmosphere, a bicyclist dad with his daughter, student studying with a laptop and book by the big table. Affordable drinks and desserts. There were different seating styles for your comfort and needs.

idearabbit-cornercupcoffee idearabbit-cornercupcoffee2 idearabbit-cornercupcoffee3 idearabbit-cornercupcoffee4I ordered a Organic African Nectar latte, while Sheepie had a regular latte and a dessert bar. We sat by the window in the lounge chairs. Pretty good, laid back cafe. It was a nice new find, but with some really negative reviews, maybe we were just plain lucky. We’ll be back again.

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